Here are the best restaurants in Latin America

The best restaurants in Latin America received all the honors in the 2018 Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants nomination event. The best cuisine and the most prestigious restaurants are in Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Argentina. The winning country was Peru, with the Maido restaurant.

The success of these establishments is due to the identity and culinary ingenuity of the dishes. Also to mergers, originality and gastronomic creativity. Likewise, it influences attention, atmosphere and architecture. Next, we talk about the best restaurants in Latin America.

Maido Restaurant - Cathrine Lindblom Gunasekara /

The Maido restaurant, in Lima, Peru, it was chosen as the best restaurant in Latin America. For two consecutive years he has won the title of winner. The creator of this gastronomic wonder is chef Mitsuharu Tsumura.

Maido is also the best restaurant in Peru. It is exclusive, prestigious and part of its charm and value is in the kitchen nikkei. This combines Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. Among its specialties are seafood and fish, as well as the preparation of citrus sauces.

Pujol Restaurant - Premshree Pillai /

Pujol restaurant, by chef Enrique Olvera, is located in Mexico City. It is representative because seeks to rescue ancestral roots and traditions of indigenous cuisine.

Its ingredients and preparations are rudimentary and handmade. One of its attractions is the treatment that is applied to food. The mole is one of them and it works to age it for a period of a thousand days. In this way, it becomes an exquisite recipe with typical and ancestral tradition.

Central Restaurant - Bex Walton /

Central is a restaurant based in Lima, Peru. It is directed by chefs Pía León and Virgilio Martínez. Central has delicious and very exotic dishes. Your gastronomy It is a cutting-edge proposal with permanent innovation in preparations.

Work with typical and traditional ingredients from the Amazon and Peru. Create original recipes of haute cuisine and unusual. Sample of it is the dish Waters of Nanay, which is a preparation served on the head of a piranha that has the meat of this same animal inside.

D.O.M. - Rahul Nair /

Another of the best restaurants in Latin America is in Brazil. Its cuisine is exotic and uses unusual ingredients, typical of the Amazon. This makes the place an authentic culinary proposal. Its exponents and creators are chefs Alex Atala and Geovane Carneiro.

In D.O.M. prepare dishes that break with traditional cuisine. Some of its main preparations are jambú and ants. Jambú is a therapeutic plant in the Amazon, which produces a relaxing effect and a pleasant tingling on the palate.

Boragó Restaurant - Cassie /

It is listed as one of the best restaurants in Latin America and, of course, the best in Chile. In front is Chef Rodolfo Guzmán, who invents dishes with ingredients of indigenous origin. It is mainly based on the natives of the Mapuche community.

It has about 300 alternatives, depending on the seasonal season. It also seeks to merge the cuisine of aboriginal ancestors, current cuisine and biodiversity. At the table it always surprises with its dishes, perfectly paired with the best Chilean wines.

Quintonil Restaurant - City Foodsters /

With traditional expression, ingredients and typical regional recipes, it is listed as a luxury site. Jorge Vallejo, chef and creator of the Quintonil restaurant in Mexico City, is a faithful exponent of the country's exquisite and varied cuisine.

The young chef Vallejo is a great representative of the avant-garde cuisine for its flavors and the presentation of the dishes. It is a sophisticated restaurant that converts traditional Mexican food into a novel work of art.

Tegui Restaurant - Elen K /

Tegui is an exclusive restaurant located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The famous chef Germán Martitegui was the creator of this place with culinary identity and modernity. Work with products and dishes from Argentina. Its exquisite cuisine includes dishes that always captivate demanding palates.

The restaurant has an alternative style. Its decoration breaks any traditional scheme. At the entrance is a mural with graffiti and a black door to enter a large hall. It is an elegant site, crossed by a beautiful garden. In the background you can see the kitchen, in view of the customers.

8. El Chato, another of the best restaurants in Latin America

El Chato Restaurant - Premshree Pillai /

It is an extraordinary and cozy restaurant located in Bogotá, Colombia. Its owner is chef Álvaro Clavijo, who manages to exalt the best versions of contemporary food.

The magic of the place is in its high gastronomic expression, which fuses Creole, typical, handmade and modern foods. It offers a wide variety of typical dishes with native and organic ingredients. You can consume dishes with different and exquisite types of meats. They also offer vegetarian dishes and delicious drinks.

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