Liwonde National Park: nature in Malawi

Liwonde National Park is one of the spaces in Africa that is worth discovering. Located in Malawi, it allows you to enjoy different activities related to nature. Do you want to know him better? Well, do not hesitate to continue reading to avoid losing detail.

Characteristics of Liwonde National Park

Elephants on the Shire River

This park covers an area of ​​580 km², so it is a relatively small reserve. Even so, it houses the most diverse vegetation and landscapes: lagoons and juncales along the Shire River, grasslands, areas with palm trees and baobabs, mopane forests and closed jungle.

Regarding wildlife, Liwonde It houses the main elephant population of Malawi. Large herds of black antelope, kudu, duiker, oribi, as well as birds such as the osprey or the white cormorant also live here. And in the plains you can see aquatic antelopes, reduncas and some lions.

What to do in Liwonde National Park

Hippo on the Shire River

One of the best activities that can be done is that of Do a canoe safari. That will allow us to see aquatic animals such as hippos or crocodiles. The activity takes place before sunset, between 2:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. and costs approximately $ 20 per person.

The excursion consists of crossing the river Shire. Its channel is 150 meters wide, has a length within the park of 40 kilometers and has an average depth of 6 meters. Sailing through it will always be a unique experience.

In addition to the boat ride, There are other options that involve going in an SUV or on foot. The prices are very diverse, since they range between 10 and 60 dollars. In any case, and choosing the option you choose, you can see without problems the varied fauna of the park.

It is possible to stay in the north of the park. It can be done at the Mvuu camp, where there is a restaurant and bungalows You can also go on your own with a tent without making any previous reservation.

Location and how to get to Liwonde National Park

Impalas in the park - David Davies /

This park is located six kilometers from the city of Liwonde and 160 kilometers from Blantyre, the second largest town in the country. Reaching him has no complication and can be done in different ways.

The most comfortable is to go by rental car. If you start from Blantyre, follow the Zomba road (M3) and then take the so-called S131 and get to Liwonde. To find the detour to the park there is no loss, as it is perfectly signposted.

In case of opting for public transport, there are buses departing from Blantyre and Limbe. Keep in mind that the smaller the size of these faster. Park staff will take care after picking up tourists for free from the Petroda service station.

Other parks to visit in Malawi

Zebras in the Niyka National Park

In addition to the park we have just seen, in Malawi you can visit others. One of them is Nyika National Park, the largest of all with its 3,200 km². It is full of undulating meadows that can remember England and animals like zebras, hieroglyph antelopes, Romanian antelopes and elephants.

We move to the second in size, to the Kasungu National Park, which must be visited during the dry season to see a greater number of species. And these are concentrated in the few water wells available in the face of a shortage of liquid.

We continue through Lake Malawi National Park, the most important freshwater fish sanctuary in Africa; and for the Lengwe National Park, which stands out for the large number of nyala antelopes that it hosts, not present in many other places we have mentioned.

In the country there are many other places of great interest and beauty. We can mention the Majete Wildlife Reserve, where hiking or bird watching; the Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve, with large herds of elephants and buffaloes; the Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve, with impressive landscapes; or the Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve, the oldest in Malawi.

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