News from the ski resorts of Andorra

The snowfall fills the ski resorts of Andorra with amateurs. Thousands of people are waiting anxiously for the cold to invade the Iberian Peninsula and for their mountains to be covered in white to practice their favorite sport. And every year, visitors find news and improvements in the ski centers.

The winter seasons of the Pyrenees are the main protagonists. Those in Spanish territory and also those in Andorra. We focus on the latter.We talk about the main news with which you will find if you decide to make a winter break to this small country.

Enjoy the best ski resorts in Andorra

Vallnord station - Terence wiki / Wikimedia Commons

There are several ski resorts in Andorra, and every year they introduce some improvements that are interesting to their visitors. Like is logic, they depend on the investment that the companies that manage the tracks can make. And that, in turn, depends on the success they had in previous seasons.

For the 2018-19 season, Vallnord-Ordino Arcalís station will have a new cable car which communicates the base with the Coma. And, among other novelties, Vallnord has renewed the network of snow cannons in a stretch of one kilometer. It also has more snowplows.

On the other hand, the state of the Arinsal raft has been improved. This raft allows snow to be manufactured in just three days, provided the cold conditions are maintained. These systems are very important for the seasons, because they allow to maintain the activity if the snowfall is scarce and the temperature allows to make snow.

Grandvalira Station

Another ski resort in Andorra is that of Grandvalira. Important improvements have also been made for fans. The main novelty is the union with the Ordino Arcalis station. This increases its ski area to 240 kilometers.

Grandvalira Station

If you're new to skiing, you'll be interested to know that Grandvalira has improved and expanded its facilities on the slopes of La Tortuga and Las Dehesas. This measure undoubtedly favors families who come to the station to learn this sport or simply have a fun time.

In this regard, too highlights the opening of a slide of 555 meters in length. A space where young and old will enjoy, since the attraction can reach 40 kh / h. If accompanied, children from three years old can access.

More news A platform has been created in the Soldeu sector With an underground parking. This installation is linked to Grandvalira hosting this year's World Cup finals. The Avet track has been conditioned for this great milestone.

In summary, the ski resorts in Andorra have renewed, as every year, their infrastructure to offer a better service. Keep in mind that thousands of fans pass through them and the facilities require continuous care and renovation.

Tips for beginners

Skiers in Andorra

If this is the first winter in which you decide to go skiing, you must have several very clear things. To enjoy, You must be aware of your limitations as a newbie. You have to know that professional skiing takes many hours of learning.

The first advice given to everyone who starts skiing is the method of braking. Known as the wedge, it consists of crossing your skis along the front to stop. Braking is the first thing you should tryWell, be sure that it will free you from many falls.

The best thing you can do is let yourself be advised by those who know. In fact, Learning with a monitor will save you many hours and you will advance faster in your learning. In the resorts of Andorra there are magnificent ski schools.

And very important, do not risk. Do not access complicated tracks if you are not sure that your skills allow you to slide through them easily. Remember that your safety is at stake.

And finally, Before going to the mountain make sure you go well equipped. And, once there, do not forget to take sunscreen cream. You will not want to return home with a burned face, in addition to the body sore from beginner falls.

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