The spectacular Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

There are some works that are built by man and that are so incredible that they become true wonders. For example, Gardens by the Bay, a place where man has combined natural elements with particular modernity from Singapore. Let's meet and be surprised with this immense oasis.

Gardens by the Bay, nature and modernity

Gardens by the Bay (Gardens of the Bay in Spanish) is a park with more than 100 hectares and is listed as one of the most fascinating in the world. It is a green lung as futuristic as the city that hosts it, Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay - Everything

This ecological project was inaugurated in 2012 with the purpose of providing a green area with leisure space in the skyscraper city of Singapore. It is composed of three large areas: the Central Garden of the Bay, the East Garden of the Bay and the South Garden of the Bay, the latter being the most extensive and famous.

The famous "supertrees"

In the park you can see gardens, plants and flowers spread over a large area of ​​land located between the sea and the back of the Marina Bay Sands complex. Here there are more than two hundred and fifty thousand exotic plants from all over the planet, in gigantic glass greenhouses, heated gardens and colossal tree-shaped structures known by the name of «supertrees».

Gardens by the Bay - Scott /

The supertrees they are monumental tree-shaped frames and that are the emblem of the park. They are covered by a variety of more than 162,900 plants, including unique and exotic ferns, orchids, vines, and a large collection of bromeliads, among many others.

The highest supertree measures 50 meters, while the smallest is 25 meters. These colossal structures have four parts reinforced by the central part of cement that supports them. They are composed of the trunk attached to the central part, by the plantation panels where the “living skin” of the tree is and, finally, the vault.

The two macro greenhouses

1. The dome of the flowers

Gardens by the Bay - Justin Law /

A true explosion of color,The Dome of the Flowers contains many species of flowers in indoor themed gardens like the Garden of the Mediterranean or the Garden of South Africa.

2. The Cloud Forest

The cloud forest macro greenhouse is characterized by being under a thick fog It gives the impression of being among clouds. Inside it there is a Secret Garden with beautiful plants that you will love. Remember to go well sheltered since the air conditioning is somewhat cold.

OCBC Skyway

Gardens by the Bay - charnsitr

The OCBC Skyway is a suspended walk between the supertrees and, as expected, it has become the true attraction of the South Bay Garden. It is 128 meters long and is done in just a few minutes, but you get incredible views of the park.

"The secret is not to run after the butterflies ... is to take care of the garden so that they come to you."

- Mario Quintana -

Free gardens

Gardens by the Bay - Lena Serditova

Gardens and macro greenhouses are generally paid, but don't be discouraged, Gardens by the Bay has beautiful gardens where you won't have to spend anything to admire them. We have several themes such as the Malaysian Garden, the Indian Garden, the Colonial Garden or the Chinese Garden.

The lake area and the famous area supertrees can also be visited without having to buy any tickets. Within the park there are several restaurants of local and international food. But in the surroundings there are typical food stalls in the area that are worth tasting at very good prices.

Lighted nights

Gardens by the Bay - Noppasin

The Gardens by the Bay has a lighting system that depends on the accumulated energy. With this energy they illuminate the park and the supertrees, offering a beautiful spectacle of light and color. This lighting takes place between 7:45 p.m. and 8:45 p.m., it's totally free and really worth it.

Gardens By the Bay are incredible gardens that amaze all travelers. If you are a nature lover, you will love to admire plants from all continents in spaces that seem taken from a futuristic movie. If you go to Singapore do not miss them!

Video: A Tour of Gardens by the Bay in Singapore: Part 2 Cloud Forest (November 2019).