The most unique and charming bookstores in the world

The touch, the smell, the design of the cover or the sound when passing the leaves. Paper books have something that makes them magical, beyond the stories and wisdom they contain. If you are one of those people who enjoy with them in your hands, do not miss this trip. We take you to the most unique bookstores, all of them wonderful, full of charm ... and life.

1. The most unique bookstores: Lello and Irmão, Porto

Lello and Irmao - Nick Molds /

She is over a hundred years old, but her fame is recent and thanks to a literary character and a writer. We refer to Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling, who spent a season in Porto and apparently was inspired by this bookstore. A wonderful bookstore, with a staircase, shelves and stained glass windows of enormous beauty. Of course, the lines to visit it are endless, and that you have to pay.

2. Polare Maastricht, The Netherlands

Polare - pieter musterd /

A bookstore in a 13th century gothic church. From religious temple to temple of literature. Here everything invites you to immerse yourself in reading: the atmosphere, a careful restoration and, of course, shelves on several levels full of books. A true paradise for bibliophiles who can enjoy reading or a good gathering in the apse of the church, now a cafeteria.

3. Ateneo Gran Splendid, Buenos Aires

Ateneo Grand Splendid - Niels Mickers /

Another beautiful example of "reconversion", in this case of an old theater. One of the most unique bookstores because the original structure has been respected. The boxes and the stalls have been filled with shelves. Meanwhile, behind the scenes of the stage where one day they will perform great the likes of Carlos Gardel, today there is a cafeteria. And all under the protection of a beautiful oil-painted dome.

4. Acqua Alta, Venice

Acqua Alta bookcase - Dimitris Kamaras /

His name refers to those tides that flood Venice, and he is right. Hidden between the Venetian alleys and with a door that overlooks one of the canals, In this bookstore you will see books in gondolas to prevent them from spoiling when there are floods. His is a unique picture that could inspire a thousand different stories.

5. Word on the Water, London

Word on the Water - David Skinner /

And literally on the water are the books in this London bookstore. It is a floating library anchored in one of the channels, near King's Cross station. There was a time when this boat traveled those waterways, providing an unforgettable experience to its customers. Today he does not sail, but visiting it is worth it because in addition to books it offers endless activities.

6. Barter Books, Alnwick

Barter Books - Dave Morris /

It was a starting point for real trips and today it is for imaginary trips. This used and book exchange bookstore It is in an old Victorian train station. A place to get lost for hours, for the amount of funds it has and because you can sit comfortably in the waiting rooms and have a drink in front of a fireplace in its restaurant.

7. Shakespeare & Co, Paris

Shakespeare and Company - Peter Nijenhuis /

A charming bookstore specialized in Anglo-Saxon literature in the heart of Paris, a step away from the Notre-Dame cathedral. Curious in many ways. Its first floor is a refuge for the so-called “tumbleweeds”, travelers who shelter here in exchange for working a few hours. And also, it has a wishing well to which many visitors throw coins.

8. San Ginés Bookstore, Madrid

San Ginés Library - FDV / Wikimedia Commons

It is a small bookstore with which many stumble by chance. It is in one of the alleys that lead to the Plaza Mayor of the Spanish capital. Hidden in a corner, but visible by its wooden shelves and tables on the street, it is believed to have been operating since the 18th century. A small bookstore but full of charm and specialized in old and second-hand books.

9. Ler Devagar, Lisbon

Ler Devagar - Shadowgate /

Much more modern is this Lisbon library, which occupies an old textile factory. A place where the shelves reach the ceiling, where you can see the old machinery and where a unique figure of a woman on a bicycle hangs from the ceiling. But, above all, a place to enjoy with a book or participating in one of the many activities they organize.

10. Altaïr Barcelona

Altaïr bookshop - Garrett Ziegler /

We couldn't finish this trip in the most unique bookstores. Altaïr is the largest travel bookshop in Europe. If your thing is to travel the world, here you can find that information you need to embark on the adventure. More than 60,000 references between books, maps and all kinds of materials about any destination you can imagine. Ready to travel?

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