5 unusual things you can do in Kiev, in Ukraine

Kiev, in Ukraine, hosts numerous sites of interest. Some offer unique experiences that can hardly be lived in other places, while others tend to go more unnoticed by tourists. We want to show you some places and excursions that you should not miss on your visit to the city. Can you come with us?

1. In Kiev, in Ukraine, you can enter the deepest station

Stairs of the Arsenalna station

It is one of the most unusual things that can be done the capital of Ukraine. The Arsenalna metro station is built 105.5 meters underground. It is, since its inauguration in 1960, the deepest in the world. Therefore, entering it is almost like traveling to the center of the Earth.

Going from the surface to the platforms means a journey of more than five minutes. The escalators seem endless. Of course, during the journey one can be entertained by observing the bright advertising signs on the sides. There are also those who take the opportunity to read a book!

2. Walk through Andriyivskyy Descent

Andriyivskyy Descent - Juan Antonio Segal - Flickr.com

Andriyivskyy Descent Street It is known as the Montmartre of Kiev. There are numerous stalls where you can buy things as curious as paraphernalia of the former communist Russia. It also houses two houses in which the writer Mikhail Bulgakov, author of The teacher and Margarita, and the One Street Museum.

Then we can visit another of the major tourist attractions of the city: the church of San Andrés. It finished being built in the year 1754 and the unusual thing about it is the baroque style elements with which it is decorated. Elements made by the best teachers in St. Petersburg.

3. Take a trip to Chernobyl and Prípiat from Kiev in Ukraine

Pripyat - Jorge Franganillo / Flickr.com

You can't always see a ghost town. But from Kiev we have the opportunity of knowing how the city of Prípiat was. Thousands of people lived in it, but it had to be abandoned after one of the most serious nuclear accidents in history: that of the Chernobyl plant.

Here you discover the Red Forest, one of the most polluted areas and in which the trees turned that color. And you can see abandoned buildings and places, such as St. Elias Cathedral or the amusement park. The latter has become a symbol of the city.

4. Visit the Chernobyl Museum

Chernobyl Museum - Denis Deery / Flickr.com

To complete the previous experience you can see the Chernobyl Museum in the city of Kiev. In its hall an introduction is made about nuclear power plants and the Fukushima accident. Then you have to climb a ladder that symbolizes the one that leads to Chernobyl with signs from the 92 locations that were evacuated.

Here You can see a model of the exclusion zone. It also shows medical and intervention objects with which the Moscow health personnel managed to save many lives of people with contracted pathologies due to radiation. In addition, it houses a memorial in its last room.

5. Make a tour gastronomic

Trying the gastronomy of the place we visited may not be unusual, but their dishes are, if we take into account that they can not be tried in other parts of the world outside of Ukraine. Or, at least, it is not usual. Y it is possible that Ukrainian cuisine will surprise you.

Among the traditional dishes that you can not miss, you should name Kiev chop or chicken and the borsch, a typical soup of the country. You should also taste the varenyki (a kind of stuffed dumplings), homemade sausage, pork bacon or golubtsi, which is stuffed cabbage.

Of course, If you travel to the capital of Ukraine you must visit its monuments and highlightssuch as the Monastery of the Caves, the cathedral of Hagia Sophia, the Independence Square or Khreshchatyk, the main street of the city.

But nevertheless, We advise you to reserve a time to discover these sites that we have just seen and that, for some reasons or others, they are unique. Of course, after a day of tourism do not forget to regain strength with local cuisine.

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