Dryanovo, a day in the Bulgarian Balkans

We suggest you visit Dryanovo, a small town in the Balkan area in Bulgaria. It has truly attractive surroundings, with a bit of everything. There a historical monastery, a cave, some very attractive natural paths and beautiful panoramic views await you.

Dryanovo may not be the most famous in Bulgaria, but everyone who discovers it is delighted. We want you to join us on a small route. Surely everything that awaits you surprises you.

The city of Dryanovo is located in the heart of the Bulgarian territory and is part of the province of Gabrovo. We can't really say that the city has any special charm, instead, its surroundings are magnificent. There are waiting places like these that we will detail.

Dryanovo Monastery

Dryanovo Monastery

One of the most important monasteries in Bulgaria is East of Dryanovo, which is only 6 kilometers from the streets of this city. Its origins date back to the twelfth century, but then he got up in a different place today.

For various avatars of history, such as the attacks of the Ottomans, the place was razed and raised several times. However, at the end of the 17th century the Dryanovo monastery was built at its current location.

However, it was set afire again and rebuilt, as early as the 19th century. Since then there is the monastery of San Miguel Arcángel that is visited today. A visit that It has as an interesting part the area dedicated to an exhibition in which the infinity of vestiges that have left so many centuries are shown.

Somehow, from Dryanovo we can meet many historical events in Bulgaria, and that is part of its charm.

Stay in the monastery

By the way, the Dryanovo monastery can be visited. But it is even possible to stay there. This is common in various monasteries in Bulgaria, such as Rila's. Yes, they are simple, very humble accommodations, somehow set in the spiritual and sober environment that surrounds a convent.

The cave of Bacho Kiro

Bacho Kiro Cave - Plamen Stoev / Flickr.com

The ideal complement for the vast majority of visitors to the Dryanovo monastery is to take a walk of a few hundred meters, or about 10 minutes on the way, to the Bacho Kiro cave. The inside of this cavity is perfectly conditioned for the visit with railings and lighting.

It is not very big, but it is worth entering to visit it and, incidentally, meet the character that gives it its name, Bacho Kiro. This is a religious who from the Dryanovo monastery encouraged the revolution against the Ottoman Empire.

Walks in Dryanovo

Andaka River

The Andaka River is the one that bathes this area of ​​Dryanovo and, since we take a walk to the bacho of Kiro Kiro, we recommend you continue the walk a little more. Thus you will have the opportunity to discover the banks of this river. If you are hiking enthusiasts, from here you will see directions to nearby towns such as Gesha or Ritlya.

Another option to enjoy the environment is to start from the same cloister of the monastery to the south. Over there there is the Dryanovska river and a trail with blue markings to the Sini Vir waterfalls.

Further, some stone stairs will make us gain height to enjoy a viewpoint over the river canyons of the two Dryanovo rivers. In addition, the environment is contemplated with the soft landscape of the Bulgarian Balkans.

In this way, if you spend a day in this area of ​​Dryanovo you will know the most natural Bulgaria In a place that really is a haven of peace. Highly recommended for all those who like to travel without haste.

How to get to Dryanovo

We hope you want to know this Bulgarian corner. So we are going to tell you how to get here. It is true that from Sofia city there are trains and buses to the city of Dryanovo. But then you will have to resort to a taxi to get closer to the monastery.

However, Sofia is about three hours away by road. Therefore, we recommend this excursion to those who take their own car or a rental car and are staying in Veliko Tarnovo.

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