6 tips for backpackers with limited budget

Have you ever set out to know the world traveling alone with a backpack in tow? If the answer is yes, then we give a series of tips for backpackers that will be useful to you. And, if you have never thought about embarking on the adventure, you may change your mind when you see that it is a great option for traveling on a budget.

1. Decide which destinations to visit

There are some countries that are better when traveling as a backpacker With a limited budget. Countries like Turkey, Nicaragua, Thailand, Peru, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, India or Indonesia. Each one offers different tourist possibilities, so it is about choosing the one that best suits your preferences.

In case of choosing European destinations, you should keep in mind that in every country there are cities full of charms that are cheaper than capitals, So it is better to opt for them. But if you are still determined to know the most important cities, you only have to reduce the number of days of the visit.

2. Take only what is necessary

Remember that you will have to carry a backpack behind your back for quite some time. Therefore, the ideal is that you put in it only the essential for the days of travel.

Do not forget a small first aid kitWith strips or anti-inflammatories, it is one of the most basic backpackers tips. And remember that, even if you travel abroad, you can always wash your clothes or buy some product you need.

Once you've decided what you're going to wear, it's time to put it in your backpack. For it, you have to keep the essentials at the top, that is, what you will use most frequently. This will save you time and you won't have to unpack all your luggage.

3. Choose the cheapest accommodation

In addition to avoiding the high seasons, to enjoy affordable accommodation prices, the ideal is to opt for hostels, hostels or bed and breakfast. You will have to share the room or bathroom with other people, but you never know if it will be an opportunity to find travel companions.

In case you have someone you know who lives in the destination you are going to, You can propose to stay in his apartment. You can offer a modest amount of money in return. And if not, you can always go to an application like Airbnb.

On the other hand, if you are going to travel long distances, You can take the opportunity to travel at night and sleep in the means of transport. The only drawback is that, depending on where you are, you will lose the opportunity to admire certain landscapes.

4. You can also save just like transportation

Another of the best tips for backpackers with a reduced budget. To enjoy the most affordable prices on transportation, such as on a plane ticket, You have to book in advance. You should also consider traveling with companieslow cost. There are applications that can help you with the task.

5. Download utility applications

We keep talking about applications, because the mobile has become an essential object in our day to day. Also when we travel, so you can take the opportunity to download some app Free to be a great help in your adventure.

There are applications to check the time it will do in your destination or not to lose yourself in it. The options are very diverse, for example, maps.me, which allows you to download various maps and consult them even without the possibility of connecting to the Internet.

6. Watch for your safety, one of the most important backpackers advice

Traveling as a backpacker can pose some kind of danger, such as insecurity depending on the places you visit. Therefore, if your destination belongs to a conflictive country or if the duration of your vacation is longer, It may be advisable to hire some insurance affordable to cover any possible unforeseen.

Regardless of whether you hire him or not and where you are going, don't forget to use your common sense and be cautious and careful. They avoid going to dangerous areas or doing risky activities alone. Also listen to the advice of those who have lived a similar experience or your tour guide, in case you have it.

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