Mendoza in Argentina, a dream place

The city of Mendoza in Argentina, designated “international capital of wine”, is a fantastic place. It is nestled at the foot of the majestic mountains of the Andes, near Aconcagua. The city has become the starting point for many excursions that can be done in the province that bears the same name.

Mendoza is the fourth most important city in Argentina. It has an intense cultural life and many fun places to choose from. The weather is very nice most of the year. The summers are not excessively hot and, although the winters are cold, it only snows once a year.

It is unforgivable to go to the city of Mendoza in Argentina and not explore the province. In the surroundings of the city there are an important number of attractions It is worth visiting. Let's see what are these treasures that this traditional region of Argentina contains.

Independence Square

In the city of Mendoza, in Argentina, there is much to see, starting at the center. There is the famous Sarmiento pedestrian street, a bohemian place where bars and restaurants operate, many of which have outdoor tables.

In Mendoza the passage through the Plaza de la Independencia is unmissable, perhaps the most emblematic place in the city. It is, really, a park that occupies four hectares of land.

The city also has an important number of museums. The Museum of the Foundational Area stands out, where you can see the ruins of the first buildings in the city.

Likewise, there are several famous fairs and markets, such as the Paseo Miter, the Paseo de las Artes and the Fair of Antique Shops, Numismatics and Collectibles.

Winery in Mendoza - Truddy /

One of the best plans that can be made in Mendoza is to visit the wineries next to the city. In order of proximity, they are located in Maipú, Luján de Cuyo, Valle del Uco, Godoy Cruz and San Rafael. Particularly, the first three sites are rich in wineries: there are more than 1500 in total.

Mendoza produces 75% of Argentina's wine. So going to the wineries is a must, because it also allows you to purchase one of the best wines in the world at an excellent price.

On the other hand, the visit allows you to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the area and a very special architecture. This, without counting all the gastronomic delights that can be tasted.

Aconcagua View

Las Leñas is one of the most famous ski centers in all of Argentina. The place is beautiful and worth visiting at any time of the year, beyond the ski season.

It is 368 kilometers from the city of Mendoza and can be reached by car or public transport. During the tour it is also possible to visit Los Molles hot springs and the Niña Encantada lagoon.

For its part, Aconcagua is the highest mountain in America. It is located in the natural park of the same name. It can be reached by public transport, but it is not uncommon that in winter time the road is closed by snowfall.

Border crossing - Carla Guimaraes /

The border crossing between Argentina and Chile through Mendoza is one of the most famous in America. It is located at 3200 meters above sea level and is a challenge for drivers. In the section there are no less than 29 steep curves, so it is not advisable for those who are a little scared.

To move from one country to another you have to cross a tunnel of more than 3 kilometers. Inside are the immigration offices, which authorize the entry and exit of the country. It is common for the road to be closed in winter. For the rest, it is one of those extraordinary routes that are never forgotten.

Pozo de las Ánimas - Adrian Gutarra Sebastian /

Malargüe is a town located in the south of the province that has gradually become an interesting tourist destination. It is 352 kilometers from the city of Mendoza and can be reached by car or by micro. It has an impressive variety of landscapes.

The highlight of Malargüe is the famous cave of the Witches and the Castles of Pincheira, a very unique geological formation. Other interesting places are the Valle Hermoso, the Llancanelo lagoon, the Payunia, the Cuyam Co trout farm and the Pierre Auger observatory.

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