El Caminito del Rey in Malaga, a unique experience

El Caminito del Rey in Malaga is one of the most spectacular routes that can be done in Andalusia. A route that runs largely along wooden walkways literally hanging from an impressive gorge. We will know its history and to cross it.

El Caminito del Rey in Malaga: a unique place

El Caminito del Rey is located in one of the most beautiful places in Malaga, a space where three swamps come together. There you can do all kinds of water activities. However, as a tourist claim, a road that crosses the area and that we are going to make was remodeled.

Caminito del Rey Catwalk

This tour has nothing to do with that of some years ago. It was an almost natural path, with only the occasional railing. It led from the mountain to several gorges in the area, crossing a bridge in poor condition and giving access to a low area in which to bathe or enter one of its caves.

The danger of this route was high and there were several accidents. Therefore, more than 25 years ago, the authorities decided to close it. For those more daring and adventurous, it was a disappointment.

Even so, the potential of the tour was still there, so it was decided to make a huge reform that made it what it is today. It took more than a year and had to invest about six million euros.

Today the Caminito del Rey is a perfectly enabled and safe route that can be done even with children.

Why was it built?

Gorge of the Gaitanes

El Camininito del Rey in Malaga was created given the need to connect the waterfalls of Gaitanejo and El Chorro. Both jumps belonged to the Hydroelectric Society and it was necessary that the company's operators could access them to make improvements or maintenance work.

The works began in 1901 and finished four years later. In 1921, the then king Alfonso XIII inaugurated the Guadalhorce-Guadalteba reservoirs and traveled that path. That is why he is called the Caminito del Rey, because he was the first to officially test it.

The most prominent part at that time was the cantilever bridge that crossed the gorge of the Gaitanes and that supposed a very risky construction for the time. Very soon this road became a habitual step for many inhabitants of the area and was part of his life for decades.

But nevertheless, the passage of time and lack of maintenance almost wounded this road. The deterioration was such that it became impossible to travel through it without risking life. Hence it will close.

How is the Caminito del Rey in Malaga

The Caminito del Rey travel distance is 7.7 kilometers and of these, at least three of them run through different gateways. Doing it completely can take you between 4 or 5 hours, which resembles a traditional mountain route.

Walkway in the Caminito del Rey

But if there is something that makes Caminito del Rey different in Malaga, it is part of that route it is done by walkways attached to the walls of the gaitanes gorge, 100 meters high. Footbridges just a meter wide. Of course, today the route is safe.

Once you reach the end you can't come back, well it is not a circular route, so you have to find a way to return on your own. Many people choose to leave the car at the other point of the road and make use of the shuttle buses that are made available to those who need it.

What we regret telling you is that This tour is not suitable for those who have vertigo or that they are too scary, because despite being fully enabled, some of their areas, as we said, are very narrow and are at an enormous height.

What we can assure you, without any doubt, is that The tour of the Caminito del Rey in Malaga is spectacular. If you decide to do it, you will not regret it, it will be unforgettable. What do you say? You sign up?