Enjoy the charm of Perth in Australia

Many people may not know about the existence of this city. It is true that Sydney and Melbourne take center stage. Although of course, Perth has nothing to envy.This city has it all, although it is located in the largest and most depopulated state in Australia.

Without a doubt, it is an incredible place to rest, taste its cuisine and enjoy the sun, because if you do not know, It is the city with more sunny days per year. Perfect for lovers of good weather!

If you want to know more about Perth,we leave you a small list of tips and sites that you can't miss if you go. Enjoy meeting Perth!

A city to get lost

Perth View

Perth is the westernmost city in Australia. It is in the state of Western. We can say that its fame lies in being one of the cities with one of the most beautiful natural landscapes. In fact, the urban center is shaped on the curve of the Swan River. Its surroundings are spectacular!

A curious fact is that it is closer to Bali (Indonesia) than Adelaide. Hence its influences make it the most different city in the whole country. Its strategic location allows the Perthians Make usual getaways to this island when looking to disconnect from the city.

Further, Perth is one of the richest cities in the whole world. The reason? Well, thanks to boom Mining of the 90s in Australia, this city was able to boost and consolidate its economy. Many people see in this city an opportunity to study and work.

Everyone has a place in Perth. Especially in those jobs related to construction and mining, since there is always a great demand.

So you know, if you're considering giving a change in your life, Perth can be a very good destination for you.

The largest urban park in the world

Kings Park

Very few know it, but the Kings Park in Perth is larger than Central Park in New York. Amazing, right? Apart from its large dimensions, it is a park to get lost, and not because of its size. In it we can find a piece of Australia's native nature within the city.

Another thing that makes it special is that it has incredible views of the city of Perth. Totally advisable to go if you are thinking of making a visit. The sunsets there are beautiful. It is the perfect place to picnic and photograph the landscape.

Perth's climate

Perth Coast

Australia has several climatic zones due to its enormous size. While the southwest has moderate and humid winters and hot and dry summers, Perth has more sunny days a year than any other Australian city. If you are one of those who like the sun which lizard, this is your city, without a doubt!

Being a tropical climate, rains tend to be more abundant between May and September. February is the hottest month. The average temperature is around 31 ° C. Although we can always cool off with its sea breeze called "Fremantle Doctor". It will give us peace in the hottest months. Kings Park is one of the perfect places to spend a calm afternoon.

In autumn the annual artistic festival takes place Sculpture by the Sea on the beach. You'll love it! It is also the perfect time to cruise the river.

Where the quokkas live

Quokka on Rottnest Island

Whenever we imagine Australia, the image of kangaroos and koalas fluttering through the forests comes to mind. What if. But there are also other incredible animals to see. On the coast of Perth we can see adorable quokkas. It is curiously known with the happiest animal in the world. And he lives in Perth!

These little animals We can find them in Rottnest Island. Now, they have become one of the city's tourist attractions.

Perth is undoubtedly one of the best cities in Australia. Because of its landscape, the way of life and the great job opportunities it offers It is an idyllic place to live. For something it is one of the happiest places in the world right?

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