An intense route through the High Pyrenees of France

The French High Pyrenees is the name of an administrative department in the south of the country (Hautes Pyrénées). And as its name indicates, it is the area where the highest landscapes and peaks of the northern slope of the mountain range, the French. While we must remember that the highest peaks are in Spain, specifically in Aragon, with the Aneto and its 3,404 meters.

Tourism in the French High Pyrenees

The mountaineers can make endless excursions, ascents and activities in the territory of the French High Pyrenees. But here we are going to prepare a plan that anyone can follow. We are going to design a tourist route that will show you all the charms of this area of ​​southern France.

The High Pyrenees National Park

Lac de Gaube - Thierry Llansade /

We will start practically on the border between Spain and France. In both countries the territory is a space protected by its high environmental values. In fact, On the Spanish side of the border we find the Ordesa National Park, while in the French is the High Pyrenees National Park.

Here the highest peak is the Vignemale at 3,298 meters, and on its skirts you can still see the white of the glaciers that once were much older. If you want to put on your boots, here you can visit Lake Gaube. Although if you are more wild, you can also climb on a chairlift.


Cauterest - Thierry Llansades /

The town of Cauterets is at the foot of those mountains. And very close to it there are two elements of a must-see, the Pont d'Espagne, which tells us about the commercial tradition in the area. And then there are the next spas.

Among them we must mention the Bains de Roucher. Those who have done some trekking or route through the High Pyrenees, to recover you can go here. They are waiting for medicinal waters used since ancient times, but today they have very modern and cozy facilities.

Light Saint Sauveur

Church of Luz Saint Sauveur - Pedro /

This town It is a jewel that we are at the foot of the Pyrenean mountains. And although today it is a tourist focus, it was not always the case, as evidenced by its walled or fortified church.

Anyway, a must stop on our itinerary. A stop and also a detour, since from here we can take the road to Gavarnie, one of the most spectacular places on the route through the High Pyrenees.

The Great Gavarnie Waterfall

Gavarnie waterfall

Neither more nor less than in the French High Pyrenees is the one that It is the tallest waterfall in the entire continent, with 423 meters high. If we get to his feet, we will see a great wall of stark rock, and the fall of a torrent that has two jumps. Safety pin.

Through the ports of the Tour de France

Tourmalet - will_cyclist /

We return to Luz Saint Saveur, and surely many cyclists of the Tour have already come to your mind pedaling through the ports of the High Pyrenees. And is that Here are some of the most mythical cycling scenarios, like Val Louron, Luz Ardiden or Peyresourde.

The most famous port is the Tourmalet, which we can begin to ascend from Luz Saint Saveur.

The Midi de Bigorre Observatory

Midi de Bigorre Observatory

It would be unforgivable to make a route through the High Pyrenees and not climb the Tourmalet. Well, it is done by bike or car, from the road you can see the peak of Midi de Bigorre, and there the white domes of a curious astronomical observatory are distinguished. It is visitable!

You can walk up the mountain or on a cable car that leaves from the ski resort of La Mongie. Do not miss it, for the views you will get from the mountain range and also for what you will learn about the sky.

Bagneres de Bigorre

And we finish this route through the High Pyrenees again in a spa. Now in Bagneres de Bigorre. An ideal end point to recover from this intense itinerary, in which we can enjoy the mountain, play sports and learn something about the history of this border territory.

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