Meet 8 amazing places in Warsaw, capital of Poland

Europe is a dream destination for all. London, Rome, Paris ... Many cities are known throughout the world, others not so much. This could be the case of the capital of Poland. It is true that Warsaw is not a city as popular as others, but it has a lot to tell, show and offer.

This city was almost completely destroyed, but like Phoenix, it resurfaced from its ashes with more force. It has an impressive and exciting story that we want to tell you and that we are sure you will love.

What to see and do in Warsaw

You will not need many days to fully enjoy this beautiful city, so it will be an ideal destination for a getaway and to be able to disconnect from stress. Let's see the essentials that yes or yes you must visit in her.

1. Palace of Culture and Science

Palace of Culture - PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek

It was for years the tallest building in Poland, reaching 237 meters. It is, for that reason, one of the first places to visit in Warsaw.

Why? Why you can climb to its 30th floor and see the entire city; This will allow you to get an idea of ​​the beauty you have left to discover.

2. Museum of the history of Polish Jews

Polin Museum - Rachel Titiriga /

Also calledPOLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews.We already know the sad role that Poland played during the Nazi era and the story of how they treated the Jews. Although it may be sad to remember, it is necessary to do so to be aware of how far the human being can go and what can be done to avoid repeating it.

This museum is a reminder of all that. Everything is shown in a very neutral way, but without hiding the truths. If you go to Warsaw, this is one of the essentials.

«They say that history repeats itself, the truth is that its lessons are not taken advantage of»-Camille Sée-

3. Ujazdów Park

Ujazdów Park - Mariia Golovianko

We now turn to nature, to one of the most beautiful corners of the city: the Ujazdów Park. This park was renovated in 2002; The result is the beauty we see today. The place where it is located is ideal, as it is surrounded by embassies and buildings of enormous elegance.

Walking through it is one of the essentials in Warsaw, especially if you like photography. Here you can do some heart attacks, while walking on its trails.

4. Jewish cemetery

Jewish Cemetery - Fotokon

It is one of the most valuable historical corners of Warsaw, both for Jews and for those who are not. It is still in operation and the remains of more than two hundred thousand people are buried. The monument to dead children during the Holocaust is shocking.

A curiosity is that Men who want to visit should cover their heads with a kippa, the typical Jewish hat.

5. Chopin Museum

It is impossible to talk about Poland without talking about music. Chopin, the famous composer, is from this country; therefore, there could be no less than somewhere to honor him.

This is the case of the Chopin Museum, in which you will find notes of the artist as well as manuscripts, autographs and other personal objects of the musician.

6. Church of the Holy Cross

Church of the Holy Cross - Sergiy Palamarchuk

Poland has always been a very religious country. For that reason, His church of the Holy Cross is one of the proud of the city. His baroque style is spectacular, but the most attractive thing is that inside are the urns with the hearts of Chopin and the famous writer Wtadyslaw Reymont.

7. Warsaw Uprising Museum

Uprising Museum - Cezary p /

They say that to know a place, you must first know its history. Warsaw was a capital marked by tragedy and disaster, almost disappeared at one time. All this and much more, especially how it resurfaced from the ashes, you can see in this emblematic place.

You can see more than 1,000 pieces and 1,500 documents related to the uprising to liberate the nation. It was inaugurated in order to honor those who died for this cause.

8. Copernicus Science Center

A place that pays tribute to the famous Polish astronomer. Designed for both children and adults, it is an ideal place to spend an afternoon of your vacation in Warsaw. There are simulators and 3D projections that will bring everyone's attention.

Do you already know everything that Warsaw has to offer? Well Don't think about it: choose this city as your next destination to get away.

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