León, the cathedral with the most impressive stained glass windows in Spain

The cathedral of León is considered one of the most beautiful monuments in Spain. The majesty that shows its profile leaves breathless. But in addition to a unique and really beautiful architecture, This temple has incredible jewels: the most impressive stained glass windows you can imagine.

The colors of these windows create an impressive show full of lights. In fact, they are said to be the most beautiful and spectacular in all of Spain. If you feel like knowing the great treasure of the city of León, keep reading, We tell you everything you need to know about the cathedral and, especially, about its stained glass windows.

A spectacular cathedral

León Cathedral - David Acosta Allely

The cathedral of León is the biggest attraction of the city, along with the convent of San Marcos. A magnificent building surrounded by a historic center also of enormous beauty. In addition, it is a Monument especially loved by the pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago. Specifically, this place is an important stage of this pilgrimage.

The cathedral of León is known by the name of Pulchra Leonina, which means 'Bella Leonesa'. This great monument rose on the ruins of Roman baths of the year 916, which were later used as a palace during the Christian reconquest.

But the construction of the cathedral that we know today began in the thirteenth century. Its construction was due to pause and for various constructive problems it took longer than expected to finish. It also had to be partially rebuilt in the 19th century.

Style Pulchra Leonina

León Cathedral - Marques

The cathedral of León is one of the most relevant icons of the French Gothic style. Its stained glass windows, large porches and rosettes remind us of the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral.

Both the exterior and the exterior of the monument show infinity of different elements. On the one hand, the western, northern and southern facades were created with incredible detail. And, on the other hand, there is the impressive decoration of each of the cathedral chapels.

Today, it is considered that architects of this beautiful construction were Simon and Enrique, whose origin was French. However, it is not confirmed with absolute certainty, since information about them has hardly been found. But what nobody doubts is that it is the cathedral with the most impressive stained glass from Spain.

"Beauty perishes in life but is immortal in art."

-Leonardo da Vinci-

The most impressive stained glass windows in the cathedral of León

Jose Ignacio Soto

It is true that there are numerous monuments with spectacular decoration and architecture. But nevertheless, this leonese treasure only competes with the cathedral of Chartres, What they say is the cathedral with the most impressive stained glass windows in the world.

In fact, 1,800 square meters of surface are those that cover the stained glass windows of the cathedral of León. The large rosettes and the high windows of the building create a unique and impressive atmosphere. And fortunately, most of the originals have been preserved.

The windows took years and years to complete. They were working on them from the 13th to the 16th century. Regarding the master glassmakers, it is not certain the origin of the first who worked in the temple, although it is believed that some were French experts who also worked in the cathedral of Burgos.

There are numerous stained glass windows that we can see inside the Pulchra Leonina. But nevertheless, we can highlight its 3 large rosettes and the stained glass window of The hunting:

The rosettes of the cathedral of León


We find three different rosettes: that of the western facade, that of the transept of the Gospel and that of the transept of the Epistle. The first two were created in the thirteenth century, the last was a reconstruction of the nineteenth century. In all We can observe images and passages from the Bible, such as the Last Judgment.

The stained glass window of The hunting

This work is one of the most impressive stained glass windows in the cathedral. This image shows a hunting scene where there are riders and armed men.

It stands out for its beauty and for moving away from the religious theme of the rest of the stained glass. In fact, it is thought that it was not done for the cathedral, but for a civil building. If you want to locate it, it is in the fifth window of the claristory of the Epistle.