4 libraries and bookstores that you will love to visit

Libraries and bookstores are sanctuaries of wisdom. In addition to being full of books, they provide great peace and tranquility. And it is not strange, moreover, that when we travel to a new city we realize that one of its great attractions is precisely one of these places.

And is that libraries and libraries They are sometimes places full of history, beauty and even legends. If you are planning an upcoming trip, pay attention, Maybe you can visit some of the ones that we are going to show you and that are incredible.

4 libraries and libraries you have to visit

1. Livraria Lello, Porto

Lello and Irmao - Nick Molds / Flickr.com

Without a doubt, when we think of libraries and bookstores that we must visit we think of this place. The Lello bookstore is located in the historic center of Porto, one of the most important cities in Portugal. Specifically, it is located near the Clérigos Tower, on Carmelitas rua.

Livraria Lello is considered one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. In fact, it is in the top 3 of the most beautiful bookstores in the world according to The guardian.

From modernist exterior, her true beauty is inside. Its passageways between the stairs and corridors lined with shelves full of books have made this library declared a Monument of Public Interest. And yes, this is the famous bookstore that takes us to the fantastic worlds of the Harry Potter adventures.

2. Shakespeare and Company, Paris

Shakespeare and Company - Peter Nijenhuis / Flickr.com

It is one of the best known and most famous bookstores in Paris. It is located in the heart of the city, in the V district, near the Notre Dame Cathedral. The specialization of this bookstore is Anglo-Saxon literature, although we can also find other types of works.

A bookshop with a unique decoration and that it has maintained its original essence, despite having been restored. And inside you will find not only books, but also some curious objects that range from typewriters to a piano.

Further, offers a very curious "service". It is a refuge for travelers who, in exchange for a place to sleep, work a couple of hours a day helping in the bookstore. Next to the establishment there is a cafe that also belongs to the bookstore and where you can have a drink reading a good book and contemplating the views of Île de Cité.

And not only that, but it has a very particular story behind it. He had several owners, however, Sylvia Beach was the best known. He dedicated himself to publishing books by great authors. In fact, he surrounded himself with writers like James Joyce and Ernest Hemingway. She was the one who made the most of this sanctuary full of wisdom in the center of Paris.

«The reading of a good book is an incessant dialogue in which the book speaks and the soul answers.»

-André Maurois-

3. New York Public Library

New York Public Library - draelab / Flickr.com

The New York Public Library, New York Public Library in English, is one of the most relevant libraries internationally. This library has several rooms full of books both public access and consultation within the enclosure. Further, It is one of the largest libraries in the United States.

And not only that, but from the first moment, just observe the facade, you will need to visit the interior. The architecture and art of each room will leave you breathless. The paintings hanging on the walls, the paintings on the ceiling and the incredible lamps that illuminate the building are true masterpieces.

4. Coffee shop El Pendul, Mexico

The Pendulum - Peter Stathakos / Flickr.com

The Pendulum brings us the new concept of "coffee shop", a mix between bookstore and cafeteria, where you can check books right there having coffee. This place is carefully and modernly decorated. Colorful furniture, bookshelves full of books and lots of vegetation are the protagonists of one of the best known places in Mexico.

When the idea of ​​the Pendulum was created, it was based on a cultural and artistic space where there would also be a small café, art gallery, a bookshop, film screenings and a forum. However, the idea has been evolving and reinventing itself. Today it is one of the most important cultural centers in all of Latin America.

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