What are the best Greek dishes?

Greece is a wonderful country that stands out for the joy of its people and for its Mediterranean cuisine, diverse and varied. That is why it is worth a trip, but if we add that it is one of the most beautiful European countries and that its islands are infarct, there is nothing more to think about. If you have already decided to make a trip to Greece, we will talk about the best Greek dishes.

The Best Greek dishes What can you not miss?


If there is a dish that defines Greek cuisine, that is the musaca. It is a lasagna without pasta, which is replaced by eggplant, with a potato base, bechamel on the mixture and gratin cheese. Of course, the stuffing, as with traditional lasagna, has minced meat.

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This is a sauce that stands out in the countries near the East, both in Greece and for example in Turkey, and that has been spreading to Arab countries such as Lebanon or Syria. It consists of a sauce of Greek yogurt, cucumber and garlic It serves to eat alone or accompany with various dishes, whether meat, fish or Arabic pizzas.


To say that this dish consists of stuffed tomatoes would be belittled. Yes, they are tomatoes that are stuffed with rice and minced meat, but with a elaborate elaboration and a mixture of spices that gives it an impressive flavor. They can also be made with red peppers or zucchini.

Greek salad

Greek salad is another of the most traditional dishes of the country and that it has also crossed borders, as it has been known internationally, and has even been marketed in supermarkets.

They say that a salad should take everything to be delicious, but the Greek salad is the proof that this is not true. Its ingredients are lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, green pepper, olives and feta cheese, a delight for the palate.


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Greek skewers with Arabic touches. The best definition that we can give you of this dish is that they are skewers of pork or veal. Normally in the same skewer pieces of pepper, onion and tomato are inserted.

As well there are places where they are served smaller and wrapped in pita bread stuffed with onion, tzatziki, fresh tomato and paprika.


One of the best Greek dishes, without a doubt. When you try it You can't believe that it's really just macaroni and cheese gratin. The only thing is that they are not cooked in the traditional way.

The half-cooked macaroni is placed at the bottom of a bowl, the cooked and spiced meat is added masterfully and covered with a layer of bechamel and cheese. All in the oven finish cooking And it looks delicious.

Crete Salad

If you already tried the Greek salad and liked it, wait to try the Cretan salad. It is made withdakos, a native hard bread from Crete, It gets wet and softens with the grated tomato juice that it has on top and the olive oil.

In addition to this cucumber, feta cheese, onion, oregano and vinegar are added. The presentation already whets the appetite, but when you suffer in your mouth the explosion of this mixture of flavors you will not believe it.


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You know that cheese is a protagonist of Greek cuisine, and it is also from this dish that its preparation is easy to summarize: It is fried feta cheese. A delight for the palate, we assure you.


Have you ever eaten tree leaves? Well, you will do it with this dish. These are grape leaves that are filled with a mixture of meat, rice, vegetables and herbs. It is usually a cold dish that is finished dressing with tzatziki.


And again we return to the most famous ingredient of the best Greek dishes: feta cheese. The tiropita is a pie stuffed with feta cheese. It's that simple and that tasty. Try it and judge for yourself.

"The fate of nations depends on their way of feeding."

-Anthelme Brillat-Savarín-

In addition to the best Greek dishes,You can't miss the incredible desserts that are served in Greece. We may talk about these on another occasion, for now enjoy the menu.

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