Sail through Halong Bay, the jewel of Vietnam

Being able to navigate among the countless islets of Halong Bay alone deserves the trip to Vietnam. In fact, this place in the Gulf of Tonkin is the great image of Vietnamese tourism. Any poster, book or website that speaks of Vietnam will have a photo of the Bay of Halong, so if you are fortunate to make this trip, obviously you cannot miss it.

The legend of Halong Bay

Halong Bay - Lena Serditova

A place as beautiful as Halong Bay has meant that for centuries men have been amazed at their contemplation and would like to seek an explanation of such beauty. Hence, a legendary origin to which the name itself refers is invented, since Halong means "where the dragon descended to the sea".

It is true that, from a geological point of view, Halong Bay is more related to ancient karst processes, but the legend is more beautiful. According to this, a giant dragon flew over that sea zone and only with the blows of its tail was it generating the mounds, which were then surrounded by sea water.

«See the world. It's more fantastic than any dream. »

-Ray Bradbury-

Halong, World Heritage

Halong Bay - Perfect Lazybones

Since 1994 this suggestive landscape has been declared a World Heritage Site, and his fame has not stopped growing. In fact, there are times when it is excessively overcrowded, since anyone visiting the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, will verify that they do not stop offering excursions to Halong Bay.

But the area is very wide, and with the designation of Halong Bay a large area of ​​coastline is grouped and not just the main bay. Thus, It is best to opt for 2 or 3 day cruises in the area and navigate through Halong, but also through Cat Ba Island and the neighboring Lan Ha Bay.

Cruises around Halong Bay

There are many companies that offer different types of boats to navigate here. There are more luxurious and cheaper proposals, and more or less days, so choose the one that best suits your time and available budget.

Halong Bay - JunPhoto

Keep in mind that certain routes are offered, but the weather may change at any given time and alternative routes may be sought. However, those cruises usually have some of these stops included:

Hang Dau Go

The charm of Halong Bay lies in its huge islets, They seem to rise above the sea. They are islands of limestone rock pierced by the sea, rain and wind, so caves are common. And in some of them the cruises stop as in the so-called Hang Dau Go or “cave of the wooden stakes”.

Hang Sung Sot

Hang Sung Sot - Danny Iacob

Another well-visited cavity by tourists from Halong Bay is this one, whose name is "cave of surprise". A cave in which three spacious underground rooms are covered and in one of them a giant phallic rock is distinguished.

Hang trong

And another of the most attractive caves is this one with a translatable name like “drum cave”. Something that is understood upon entering and while observing its incredible roof full of stalactites, you begin to hear the sound of the wind, which evokes the music of the drum beats.

Dao Titop

This island is a usual cruise stop. And it is not so much for its beach, but because From here you can admire exceptional views of the whole Halong Bay.

Dao Ga Choi

Y another highly sought after photo is that of this islet in which two rocks rise, about 10 meters high, whose shapes pretend to be two fighting cocks on the blue of the sea.

Floating villages

Floating villages - PhotoRoman

To end the usual stops made by tourist cruises that sail through Halong Bay, we will also name that many of them approach the so-called floating villages. Some populations that literally live in the sea, in their boats or in palafitos raised on the seabed.

These people find everything they need to live in the sea. In fact, some of those people never get to step on solid ground. And if at any time they do, they say they get dizzy in doing so.

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