10 awesome cable cars to travel through the clouds

We want to see the world from a bird's eye view, and for this we will get on ten impressive cable cars. Some allow to reach almost inaccessible places, others were built to solve communication problems in cities and some were designed almost as a tourist attraction. It does not matter that you do not like heights very much, surely you are encouraged to climb them.

1. Awesome cable cars: Genting Skyway, Malaysia

Genting Skyway - panlertb

They say it is the fastest cable car in the world, and is that it reaches a speed greater than 21 kilometers per hour. It runs over a wonderful rainforest. What was it built for? To link the city of Gohtong Jaya with a large complex for leisure and fun.

2. Cable car from Tianmen, China

Tianmen cable car - ruanruanra

The mountains of Tianmen hide fabulous landscapes. And to reach one of its most beautiful viewpoints there are two options: a road that tests the expertise of the most expert drivers or this cable car, in which, sure, more than one will not be able to open your eyes. Something more than 7 kilometers, half an hour's journey and slopes of up to 38º. You dare?

3. Stansernhorn Cabrio, Switzerland

Stasernhorn cable car - Denis Linine / Shutterstock.com

What's so special about this cable car? What is "convertible". If the weather accompanies and there are no problems with vertigo, you can enjoy the trip from the top, transformed into a terrace that offers beautiful views of Lake Lucerne and the Alps. Of course, it is only operational in summer.

4. Titlis Rotair, Switzerland

Titlis Rotair - Kraipitch T

The Titlis Rotair leads to the summit of the Klein Titlis, just over 3,000 meters. On the road you will "fly" over one of the largest glaciers in Europe. But if there is something that makes this cable car special, it is not the views (which are wonderful), but the cabins turn on themselves to be able to contemplate the landscape without losing a single detail.

5. Emirates Air Line, London, Great Britain

London Cable Car - Nick Molds / Flickr.com

In London, you can contemplate or cross the Thames in many ways: crossing bridges as beautiful as the Tower Bridge or the Westminster Bridge, boarding a tourist boat, riding the London Eye or getting on this cable car. It is part of the city's public transport system and connects Greenwich with the actual docks. The views are unbeatable.

6. Peak 2 Peak,Whistler, Canada

Peak 2 Peak - Simon Bennett

Of our impressive cable cars, this one stands out for two reasons that can make the hair stand on end. On the one hand, It has no less than three kilometers of travel without supports. On the other, it is special because its cabins circulate 436 meters from the ground, thus being the one that travels a greater distance from the ground in its category.

7. Sugar Loaf Bondinho, Rio Janeiro, Brazil

Cable car from Rio de Janeiro - Leonard Loh

There are impressive cable cars, but this one is also one of the most famous. Join Praia Vermelha with the top of the Sugar Loaf and Enjoy spectacular views of the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana. By the way, it is also very cinematic, here was shot one of the most shocking scenes ofMoonraker, of the incombustible Agent 007.

8. My Teleferico, La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz Cable Car - saiko3p

It is no less than eleven kilometers long and was not built precisely for tourism purposes. It was designed to decongest traffic in the populous city of La Paz, in Bolivia, facilitating access to the highest neighborhoods without the need to step on the ground. With three lines and 22 stops, it is the longest urban transport cable car in the world.

9. Mukumbarí Cable Car, Mérida, Venezuela

Mérida Cable Car - Leo Javiex / Flickr.com

Not suitable for fearful. This cable car begins its journey at 1,577 meters and ends at more than 4,700, thus being the tallest on the planet. And it is also the longest, with its 12.5 kilometers, in which there are five stations. Connect Merida with the Mirror peak.

10. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town Cable Car - Delpixel

The last of the impressive cable cars that we are going to climb takes us to the mythical Table Mountain, behind Cape Town. And this one too It turns on itself to allow you to admire spectacular landscapes, since we are talking about one of the great national parks of South Africa. Of course, the trip is short, just five minutes.

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