10 charming cafes to enjoy unique moments

We will visit places with an aged aftertaste and a certain decadent air, establishments that have heard millions of conversations and secrets, that have created unforgettable memories and that are part of the history of their cities. We enter charming cafes that take us to past times, which were and are stages of gatherings, although in many today the bustle of tourists reigns.

1. Charming cafes: New York Café, Budapest

New York Café - Wei-Te Wong / Flickr.com

It is one of the most famous charming cafes. So much so that it is almost essential to visit it when traveling to Budapest. It opened at the end of the 19th century and its rooms are pure luxury, more like a palace than a cafeteria: elegant columns, frescoes, chandeliers, statues, mirrors ... If you don't like coffee, try chocolate, it's spectacular.

2. Imperial Café, Prague

Imperial Coffee - R Freeman / Flickr.com

It was inaugurated in 1914, at a time when fashion was imposed by style art deco. Inside you will discover columns of oriental inspiration, unique capitals, bas-reliefs and tiles They give an eclectic touch, but very particular. A most elegant coffee in which you can taste an exquisite variety of cakes.

3. Café de la Paix, Paris

Café de la Paix - Ben Terrett / Flickr.com

Its location, in front of the Opera Garnier, has meant that throughout its history they have passed through its tables and its infinite bar of relevant characters from the world of music and culture. Its interior, decorated in imperial style, is exquisite and it will take you directly to the 19th century Paris. But if you prefer, you can do something as Parisian as sitting on the terrace.

4. Caffè Florián, Venice

Caffè Florian - Jim Nix / Flickr.com

If your pocket allows it, enjoy one of the emblematic corners of the Plaza de San Marcos. This coffee was founded almost 300 years ago and characters like Lord Byron, Dickens or Goethe passed through it. The decoration of its small rooms will take you almost to the time of these writers. But you can also have a drink on your terrace. You choose.

5. Majestic coffee, Porto

Café Majestic - José Moutinho / Flickr.com

One of the most romantic places in Porto. This cafeteria style art deco It is almost one hundred years old and Portuguese artists and intellectuals have passed through it. Also other famous people, in fact, It is said that J.K. Rowling wrote some chapters ofHarry Potter at their tables. Tables that are so requested today that it is difficult to sit on them.

6. Café Royalty, Cádiz

Café Royalty - Josema Alonso / Flickr.com

It opened its doors in 1912 and was a meeting place for writers, intellectuals and politicians. Also musicians, like Manuel de Falla, who even gave a concert here. But that intense life ended in the 30s and we had to wait until 2008 to see the open cafe again. The best, that we can enjoy it as in its best times, with an ornate but exquisite decoration.

7. Café Iruña, Pamplona

Café Iruña - juantiagues / Flickr.com

Another of the many charming cafes in Spain. With charm and international fame, since one of his most illustrious clients was Ernest Hemingway, He started writing some of his most famous works on the tables of this cafe. That is why he even has a salon in his honor, chaired by a bust of the writer. An establishment that was founded in 1888.

8. Café Central, Vienna

Café Central - Ungry Young Man / Flickr.com

The coffee you come from is known and there is no better place to taste it than this establishment. Its walls have lived 150 years of history and They have witnessed the conversations of such illustrious characters as Sigmund Freud or Leon Trotsky. A curiosity: his hall is chaired by the paintings of Empress Isabel and Emperor Francisco José de Austria.

9. Café Sanborns, Mexico City

Sanborns - Chiva Frozen / Flickr.com

For years it was considered the most elegant coffee in the Mexican capital. One of those charming cafes that surprises for several reasons. The first is that it is in a beautiful 16th century building with an incredible facade covered with tiles. The second, that Inside, a unique arabesque air patio is discovered. And besides, it shows murals that are authentic works of art.

10. Confectionery Colombo, Rio de Janeiro

Confectionery Colombo - BORIS G / Flickr.com

The last of our charming cafes opened its doors in 1894 and a few decades later it would be reformed to give it the current look, with a decoration in the purest styleart deco. A memory of the Belle Époque in which glass shelves, large mirrors stand out, the Italian marble bars and the huge skylight over the tea room.

Cover photo: Wei-Te Wong / Flickr.com

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