6 places you have to visit in Aranda de Duero

Capital of the region of La Ribera, Aranda de Duero is closely linked to the culture of wine. But in this town of Burgos you can not only enjoy a good broth with Denomination of Origin, but also many other attractions that we will show you.

Aranda de Duero It is a city of long history, which had its moment of splendor in the late fifteenth century. From that century and later there are magnificent buildings, only part of the heritage that can be seen in this beautiful town. This is what you can not miss.

1. Church of Santa María la Real

Church of Santa María la Real - By LianeM

It was built between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and is located in the center of the city. Draws attention to its Elizabethan Gothic facade and it has a tower of an earlier Romanesque temple.

Inside, of clear flamboyant Gothic style, It has a Latin cross with three ships, which includes the main altarpiece, a pulpit and a stairway to the choir with three sections. It can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday.

2. House of Balls Museum

Casa de las Bolas - casadelasbolas.arandadeduero.es

Here are pictorial funds donated by the mining engineer Félix Cañada Guerrero, who spent his childhood in the city. The paintings on display belong to European artists between the 17th and 20th centuries. It consists of three floors: still life, temporary exhibitions and portraits and sacred art.

The building that houses this museum is a construction dating from the fifteenth century. Despite having been restored, it maintains original elements, such as the arch of the facade, the double ledge with a bag (hence the name of the house) and a Gothic window with a windowsill. It was temporary residence of Joan of Portugal, wife of Henry IV of Castile, her brothers-in-law princes Alfonso and Isabel and her daughter Princess Juana.

3. Church of San Juan

Church of San Juan - Raúl Hernández González / Flickr.com

This temple was built between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, but today it is not dedicated to worship, It is the Museum of Sacred Art of the Ribera del Duero region. The old church is located in front of the Romanesque bridge that crosses the Bañuelos River, on a small promontory. In this place the famous "Council of Aranda" was held, to combat the ignorance of the clergy.

Of the construction they emphasize the gothic cover, the chapel with its Renaissance altarpiece and the greater altar, with a neoclassical altarpiece. As for the museum spaces, each one is based on a different theme (history, tradition, heritage, etc.).

4. Train Museum

Train Museum - PedroMix / commons.wikimedia.org

In the old Chelva station, where the railway that connected Valladolid with Ariza passed, the Aranda de Duero Train Museum was inaugurated in 1998. At the entrance exhibits a locomotive and an old workshop car with the original machinery. In addition, there is a bicirail to make a part of the old route.

In the halls you learn a lot about the past and present of trains in the region. It shows objects such as uniforms, lanterns, tools, old bills, signs, etc. Spaces such as the passenger department, the command post and the car cabin are rebuilt.

5. Wineries of Aranda de Duero

Winery - Charles Leonard / Shutterstock.com

It is a network of 7 kilometers of galleries and tunnels, excavated from the twelfth to the eighteenth century below the historical center of the city. It currently houses 135 wineries between 9 and 12 meters deep that were used to preserve wines at temperatures between 11 and 13 ° C.

"The wine gives brilliance to the countryside, exalts the hearts, lights the pupils and teaches the dance of the feet."

-José Ortega y Gasset-

6. Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Vineyards

Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Vineyards - Eliug / Flickr.com

This hermitage is located on the outskirts of Aranda de Duero, in the place of Monte Costaján, and was built in honor of the patron saint of the city. Tradition indicates that an image of the virgin was found in the area in the 12th century and that is why Juan I de Castilla ordered the construction of the sanctuary.

Some of the highlights are the atrium, the porticoed courtyard, the shield of Don Pedro Álvarez de Acosta, the vault, the altarpiece, the shield of Aranda de Duero and, of course, the image of the Virgin of the Vineyards.

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