5 Asian countries that you can't miss

Asia has fascinated Westerners since time immemorial. Perhaps its culture, its people, its architecture or its art are to blame. What can be assured is that its history, traditions and religion are attracted to the world. We want to visit some of the most beautiful, mysterious and seductive countries in Asia.

WhatAsian countries should we visit

It is a huge continent and sometimes little known, but it is worth visiting. The countries of Asia that we must visit are all that our feet and pocket can allow us. Therefore, we will recommend only five of the dozens of countries that could be visited. Prepare your bags and your desire for knowledge for your next visit to the Asian continent.

1. China

Forbidden City, Beijing - Hung Chung Chih

The most populous country on the planet is the preferred destination for millions of annual visitors. Since ancient times, Chinese culture has been strongly influenced by Confucianism and conservative philosophies.

The most impressive monument in the whole country is the Great Wall. In the words of Mao Tse-Tung: "He who has not climbed the Great Wall is not a true man." Venture and walk those walls full of history.

From Beijing, spending the night on the berth of a train, you can reach Xi'An, where a terracotta army of 7,000 life-size figures carved 2000 years ago awaits you. Food enthusiasts can enjoy the taste of Mao's favorite dish, the Hong Shao Rou or red pork stew.

2. India

Taj Majal - RuthChoi

India is the cradle of exoticism and great pacifists. Apart from spirituality and different concepts of life,We can find cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Both cities have a deafening almost hypnotic chaos that seduces by its decadent charm and its constant limits between poverty and the most bizarre luxury.

The visit to India must stop at several essential points, such as the beautiful golden coast of Goa or the iconic Agra, where the famous Taj Mahal mausoleum is located.

In the north you will find Varanasi, sacred place through which the river Ganges runs. In this place you can witness and be part of the sacred baths in its waters. India is an infinite place full of exotic flavors and fragrances.

3. Japan

Kyoto - Luciano Mortula - LGM

This archipelago is known worldwide as the cradle of technology, of the great skyscrapers and the monumental agglomerations of its streets. The capital of this tangle of islands is Tokyo.

Known as the "Land of the Rising Sun", it has overcome world wars, natural disasters and there is no one who can overcome its natural beauty. The beautiful spring, with its cherry blossoms, is one of its great attractions.

But there is much more to discover in Japan. Don't miss Mount Fuji, Kyoto and its pagodas and the beautiful town of Shirakawa Go, They retain the most traditional Japanese style. Do not forget to try its famous cuisine, and not only sushi, but dishes such as tempura, ramen or sashimi.

4. Vietnam

Lang Son - Jimmy Tran

This country bathed by the waters of the seas of southern China, It is one of the most unknown. This Asian corner is a place full of parks and nature reserves.

But what can attract the most attention of the traveler is The famous Vietnamese cuisine.With more than 500 food dishes such as the phu thê sponge cake or Bun Bo Hue soup, tourists' stomachs end up more than satisfied.

Vietnam is a country with a convulsive past and an optimistic future due to openness. If you are looking for a special occasion to visit it, you should know that In the middle of January and the end of February the lunar year is celebrated, a 4-day holiday. Do not think twice and prepare your suitcase and stomach for your visit to one of the most fascinating countries in Asia.

5. Cambodia

Cambodia - Guitar photographer

Known as the pearl of Southeast Asia, it is one of the continent's favorite destinations. Its magical Angkor temples and its rich Khmer cultural tradition They are his best known elements.

Cambodia also has landscapes full of waterfalls and rivers. Among the fishing villages of the southern coast we will find the Ream National Park, a real gem.

Its cuisine is especially enjoyed in the rainy season. Among the famous steaming soups of cobra with whiskey and rice, fried tarantulas or grilled mice, you will taste authentic and very strange delicacies.

«It doesn't matter how slow you walk as long as you don't stop»


Asia is a continent with countless places to discover. We have recommended five countries, but there are many others in which you can live unforgettable experiences. Prepare your bags to fill them with adventure, spices and different ways of seeing life, because you will find that in the different countries of Asia.