Meet Hita, a medieval town in the province of Guadalajara

Hita is a beautiful municipality of Alcarreño. Located in the heart of the province of Guadalajara, it hides a long history between its streets and its walls. We want to discover this little medieval jewel. Can you come with us?

Hita, an unforgettable town

Located on the slopes of a hill, walking around Hita is like taking a trip back in timeIn fact, the town is declared a Historic-Artistic Site. And not only that, but his name has a special place in Spanish literature because of his relationship with the author of the Book of Good Love, with the Archpriest of Hita. What to visit in this beautiful town?

1. The medieval wall

Door of Santa María - Josep Curto

It is interesting to explore what remains of the old medieval wall. It was built between the eleventh and twelfth centuries, although in reality it was more of an extension of the old walled enclosure of Muslim origin that was erected in the ninth century.

Much of the canvas was lost and only one of the three entrance doors is preserved, that of Santa María. She is modest, but really beautiful. Crossing said door you will reach the beautiful square of Arcipreste and from there you will access the magnificent history of this charming municipality.

2. Hita Castle

Castillo - M.Peinado /

One of the places you can not miss is the castle, or rather, the remains of the castle. The truth is It must have been one of the most impressive strengths of its time. And it is that beyond its structure and architecture, it is its location that is really impressive, since it crowns a hill whose height exceeds 130 meters. Without a doubt, it is one of the best places to dominate the surroundings.

"You know more about a path for having traveled the one than for all the conjectures and descriptions in the world."

-William Hazlitt-

3. House-Museum of the Arcipreste

Arcipreste Square - Felipe Cuenca Diaz /

The Arcipreste House-Museum is a must for anyone who wants to know a little more about the history and culture of Hita. This multi-purpose building dedicated to culture, It has several rooms in which collections such as archeology, ethnography are presented, exhibition of masks, photographs and much more.

Undoubtedly, We recommend that you spend even a couple of hours touring this magnificent cultural space. If you like history, you will undoubtedly enjoy it. And in front of the house you will find a beautiful viewpoint adorned with a sculpture reminiscent of the famous Arcipreste de Hita.

4. The churches of Hita

Church of San Pedro - Josep Curto

In Hita there was a time when there were three churches. The one in Santa María was closed in 1771 and the one in San Pedro was razed during the Civil War. From the latter you can see its ruins and, after some improvement works, today there are some cultural activities.

The third church is that of San Juan. A Mudejar Gothic temple, built between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries that has beautiful coffered ceilings inside.

5. Monastery of Sopetrán

Sopetrán monastery - jacinta lluch valero /

It is an old Benedictine monastery whose origin dates back to the seventh century, although later it was remodeled, until obtaining the current aspect, dating from the eleventh century. Unfortunately, the building has been abandoned during the last century, so there is not much left of its splendor era, however, and despite this, it is well worth visiting.

6. The wineries

Hita has a real underground treasure. Under the streets of the municipality hide about one hundred caves which since the Middle Ages were used as wineries. It seems that many belonged to Jewish families and in some old jars are still preserved. And, next to them, the "wineries", which are cave-houses of medieval origin excavated on the hillside.

When you cross the Puerta de Santa María, a place with a very special charm opens before you, a place where history comes alive. It's about Hita, a beautiful Spanish municipality that has much more to offer its visitors than they can imagine.

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