8 tree tunnels that will blow your mind

That nature is sometimes able to create authentic masterpieces, it is undoubted. On its own or with some "human help," there are corners on the planet that not even the best artist would even dream of matching. Let's check it through 8 fabulous places. These tree tunnels will make you believe that you are in another dimension. We are going?

1. Pure fantasy

Wisteria tunnel - dk tazunoki

It is known as "Wisteria tunnel" and is in Japan, in the Botanical Garden of Fuji Kawach. Blues, oranges, roses, yellows ... Every year, when the wisteria bloom, this wonderful corner is reborn from which it makes you want to never leave. All a dream.

2. A very cinematic tunnel

Oak Valley - f11photo

It sure sounds to you. And is that this spectacular walk of oaks has been the scene of countless and unforgettable cinematic moments. If you want to enjoy it and feel like Scarlet O'Hara strolling under one of the tree tunnels most famous in the world, you will have to go to Oak Valley, Lousiana, in the United States.

3. Pure romanticism

Tunnel of Love - Bethany Ciullo / flickr.com

Perfect for a declaration of love. In fact, it is known as the "tunnel of love." It is in Klevan, in Romania, and is one of those examples in which nature and the hand of man have come together to create a wonderful corner. The passage of the ten through a railroad wrapped in vegetation has shaped this spectacular corner, one of the tree tunnels, without a doubt, more beautiful than you can cross.

4. A disturbing ride

Dark Hedges - Adrian Pluskota

Dark Hedges is a century-old black beech forest. In it we find a fabulous plant tunnel, although somewhat scary. When it gets dark, it looks like tree branches want to catch you. Would you dare to cross it? By the way, you'll find it in the county of Antrim, in Northern Ireland.

5. Almost a dream

Sakura tunnel - Ghing

The cherry tree is the flower of Japan, and when spring comes many corners of the country become fairytale scenarios. This Sakura tunnel is just one of them. Here the beauty of the flowers, the light and the reflections in the water of a canal create a magical atmosphere Don't you think

6. Light at the end of the tunnel

Hallnaker - Matthew J Thomas

In the county of West Sussex, in England, we find this little wonder of nature. A tunnel in which sunlight enters sifted by the density of the branches. In autumn, the red carpet of fallen leaves give it a very special charm. It is not beautiful?

7. An explosion of color

Jacarandas in Pretoria - Dendenal

In South Africa jacarandas adorn many streets in thecities. When spring comes and they bloom, images as beautiful as this arc of a rabid violet color emerge. But beware! This tunnel of trees is lovely, but it is convenient to look straight ahead to avoid accidents.

8. A tunnel in a tree

Redwood in Yosemite Park - Lynn Y

Huge and millenary, redwoods are the queens of the plant world. The largest are found in Yosemite Park, in the United States. Such is the size of these trees that in some cases it is not that they make tunnels, but that the tunnels are in their trunks. Seeing is believing.

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