The best nudist beaches in southern Spain

The naturist lifestyle is gaining more and more followers, so nudist beaches are increasingly visited. For those who are convinced, or for those others who wish to try new experiences, it is this list, dedicated not only to talk about sand and sun.

Nude Beaches which are authentic paradises

We will collect an enumeration of areas of southern Spain in which to enjoy a well-deserved bath. And, why not, where to do it naked. These beaches are places to relax, in addition to being in places of enormous beauty.

Almeria, paradise of naturist culture

El Playazo, Vera - baldovina

To the beauty of Almeria is added the affable character of its people. Its beaches, nudist or not, are varied and have bath spaces that range from cobbled surfaces to fine sands. All of them welcome us with open arms. Further, Almeria has not only one, but several nudist sites.

An example of a nudist field of great beauty is the Playazo, in Vera. There not only the waters are for the most daring. It is a true naturist paradise, with two kilometers of sand. It has several campsites, housing developments and even hotels. All of them open to naturism.

However, It is worth mentioning the Granatilla, in Mojácar. Hidden, several kilometers by car. A tribute from nature that we cannot miss. It looks more like a wild beach, both because of the remoteness of its situation and because of the particular reddish color of its gravel.

Cádiz, perfect to relax

Punta Candor, Rota - Alvaro Trabazo Rivas

The beach of Punta Candor, in Rota, is a place of freedom and nudism. It is the favorite of many activists defending this practice. The reason is simple, it is one of the most beautiful coastal environments in Spain. And therefore, one of the most beautiful in Cádiz itself.

Located next to the Natural Park of La Almadraba, its banks are full of golden dunes. And taking a look you can also see areas of pine forests. In addition, it is possible to spend a pleasant time enjoying the nearby beach bars. In each and every one of them you can taste the typical cuisine of the region.

«Your body is a temple of nature and the divine spirit. Keep it healthy; respect it; study it; grant him his rights. »

-Henri-Frédéric Amiel-

Granada and its hidden crystalline waters

Cantarriján Beach -José A. Chacón /

If there is a better considered space among the rest of the nude beaches that touch the Mediterranean Sea, this is it. The Cantarriján beach shapes one of the naturist coastal ideals. It is not for less, because its idyllic enclave delights almost anyone. It is said, in fact, that it is one of the most natural and best preserved of the Granada coast.

It also has a great advantage that differs from many other coasts of this type. And is that It is very easy to find it thanks to the perfect exterior signage with which it has. A set of signs that accompany and guide us here from the distance along the general road.

Its very toasted sands are another advantage. To them is added the great security provided by its crystalline waters. The tides here are not usually too strong and the winds do not usually penetrate this cove.

Gran Canaria, paradise for the senses

Mogán - The Instant Collector /

Mogán has a curious title to which tourism responds en masse. Not for nothing is said to be the sunniest region of the country. And the beach of Medio Almud is an authentic and true beauty. To its extreme beauty of African tones adds its ease of entry. Access to this area is much simpler than most other nude beaches.

However, certain precautions must be taken. For example, It is important to be careful when entering the sea, since the waters are very deep near the shore.

It is usually the favorite of tourists from northern Europe, although its dimensions are small. Many of its visitors take advantage of the bacitos, some protrusions that arise at low tide, for sunbathing.

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