An excursion to the Enchanted City from Cuenca

With its strange rock formations, this natural site is a place of singular beauty. It is only 30 kilometers from Cuenca, so The Enchanted City is a perfect excursion from the city of La Mancha.And you can spend as much time as you want, from one morning or afternoon to a full day to also enjoy its surroundings.

What is it the Enchanted City?

Located in the heart of the Serranía de Cuenca Natural Park, The Enchanted City offers us a magical journey between amazing rock formations. And some, besides being huge, are really curious.

Enchanted City -Fominayaphoto

These unique formations are no less than 90 million years old. At that time the area was covered with calm waters where salts and animal skeletons accumulated. When the land was later raised and the water drained, the seabed was "in sight".

Erosion ended up sculpting the rock. Rains, wind and temperature changes were the master hand that made this work of art possible from nature.

A wonderful corner to which the poet Federico García Lorca dedicated a sonnet in 1935, called The poet asks his love for the Enchanted City of Cuenca.

Did you like the city that drop by drop
did the water work in the center of the pines?
Did you see dreams and faces and paths
and walls of pain that the air whips?

-Federico García Lorca-

Strolling through the Enchanted City

Enchanted City - Jose Angel Astor Rocha

If you have time during your visit to Cuenca, it is worth visiting this place. They are just three kilometers of circular route of very little difficulty. In a couple of hours you will have been able to enjoy one of the most unique places you have ever imagined.

You can make the journey at your own pace, the road is perfectly signposted. In addition, each training of interest has an information panel where they explain all the details. Another option is guided tours, on weekends and holidays, and where you will learn how this incredible place came to form.

Amazing figures

The most symbolic form of the Enchanted City is, without a doubt, the High Lathe. You will see it at the entrance. A rock that seems to be almost in balance and that according to legends is the place where Viriato, the Hispanic leader who faced the Roman Empire, was cremated.

Enchanted City - pedrosala

But There are many more amazing formations. Some remind us of animals, hence their names. On the walk you can see some rocks that look like bears fighting. With a little imagination, in another you will seem to be seeing an elephant and a crocodile fighting fiercely. A dog, a seal juggling a ball or a turtle ... there are many.

Not only animals, these rocks remember many other things and beings. You will see an ogival arch similar to the constructions of the Middle Ages or a kind of Roman bridge. And you might be surprised by a man's face in the vegetation, or two blocks that seem to want to touch each other, baptized with the name "Teruel lovers."

You will still have a lot to see, from the Slide to the Stone Sea or some curious ways that remind us of the fungi that pray at the foot of the trees. And is that the Enchanted City is a spectacle.

Data of interest

Enchanted City - Jose Angel Astor Rocha

Park hours in summer are from 10 in the morning to 9 at night, although weather conditions can modify it. It should also be noted that the entrance to this park is purchased directly at the box office, there is no online sale.

Two more interesting facts. The first is that you can visit with pets. The second is that, although the path is not complicated, it is not adapted for people with reduced mobility, wheelchairs or baby carriages.

We ended up with a recommendation. If after visiting the Enchanted City you have time, visit the source of the Cuervo River. It is 60 kilometers away, but it is a place of enormous beauty. Declared a natural monument, inside this space there are several paths that will allow you to enjoy its enormous beauty.

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