We tell you 20 things you can enjoy in Bali

We are not going to an earthly paradise full of mysticism, spirituality and wonderful landscapes that border on unreality. Although many believe it is very commercial and has lost its charm for it, there is nothing further from reality. You can enjoy amazing things in Bali, it all depends on your desire and, above all, we believe that it is one of those places where you have to walk freely.

Being in an all-inclusive hotel is something you can do anywhere in the world, but not here. Bali needs to be explored, walked, researched and, above all, enjoyed. To get it and this island leaves you a very good taste, we give you some tips on everything you should do.

All you can enjoy in Bali

Pura Besakih Temple - Alexander Mazurkevich

1. Be fooled by Hinduism in his temple Pura Besakih. Regardless of the religion you profess, Balinese Hinduism is peace, meditation and good feelings ... Let yourself go, it will give peace to your mind and also to your soul.

2. Rent a motorcycle. Nothing better to enjoy in Bali than tour the island by motorcycle. A very economical means of transport that will give you great independence while you live an adventure.

3. Surf. It doesn't matter that you've never done it, if there is a place in the world where you should try, that's Bali.

4. Yes, I want to. If you go with your lifelong partner, there is no more romantic and beautiful place than this island to celebrate a wedding Balinese full of flowers, dancing and surrounded by a unique landscape.

Pura Unlun Danu Temple, Bali -TCHAIJIT

5. Open your mind with food. Don't close to try things, Balinese food is exceptional and only. Any of your dishes will drive you crazy.

6. If you liked the food, for very little money they teach mini cooking courses,one or two days long, which you can go to.

7. Try your wonderful tea: bothol.

8. Help the locals. On the island you will find all kinds of souvenirs with the name of Bali but that are manufactured in other eastern countries. Forget them and look for handmade handmade souvenirs from the place. In addition, it will always be much more valued as a gift.


9. Enjoy your sunsets. The best, without a doubt, you will see from the Tanah Lot temple. This is one of the essentials to do on the island.

10. Do a batik course. Batik is a technique that consists of decorating fabrics with liquid wax and that creates an impressive rainbow of colors. Making a mini-course will cost you very little and you will have unique knowledge.

11. Relationship with people. Talking with the locals is one of the best ways to get into their culture and to know the area. In addition, you may try to communicate with them is a challenge and even have a laugh.

12. Walk through the markets. Fruit and vegetable markets are full of color, of smiling people and good sellers. It will be a pleasant experience.

13. Go to one of its natural spas. A good dose of relaxation always comes in handy, even on vacation.

Jimbaran Beach - Dudarev Mikhail

14. Don't forget its beaches. It is obvious that being on a paradise island like this you can not forget to bathe in one of its beaches.

15. Eat in a warung. This is what street food stalls are called where there is a lot of cleaning and you can taste an exquisite homemade meal for very little money.

16. Meet the strange temple of Goa Lawah. We say strange because for some reason that is unknown, bats have chosen it as their place of residence. If you are afraid of these little animals, it is a sight worth seeing.

17. Do yoga. We could not forget to advise you to do some yoga or a retreat on this island where meditation is part of the culture.

Bali - Ditty_about_summer

18. Another temple, the Uluwatu, which was built on a cliff in the sea. One of the most beautiful and also the most original.

19. Snorkel. The seas of this island are full of aquatic treasures What you have to discover Snorkeling is the best option for this.

20. If your holidays coincide with the Balinese new year, you will have to be quiet for a whole day. The Balinese take this day as a day of meditation and spiritual retreat.

«Once you travel, the journey never ends. The mind can never let go of the journey. »

-Pat Conroy-

These are our 20 most original things that we propose to enjoy in Bali. An island that we believe is worth knowing in depth and possibly bewitching you to come back sooner than you think.

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