Austria has the most impressive town: Hallstatt

Austria is synonymous with unprecedented beauty, film landscapes and very special architecture. Well, in addition to generalizing, we want to talk to you about one of its particular towns:Hallstatt, a place of authentic fantasy.

What you can not miss in Hallstatt

Have you ever been fascinated by one of those huge lakes at the foot of gigantic mountains of gray and green? Have you thought it is like a paradise? Well, now it is at your fingertips, well Hallstatt It has all that and much more. Are you coming with us to take a wonderful tour of this fascinating place? Let's go!

1. Hallstatt Lake

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This lake is a unique show. Breathing pure air in full silence while taking a boat ride through it will recharge your batteries for the rest of the year.You can enjoy unsurpassed natural landscapes, It will be an amazing experience that you don't want to never end.

«Art, glory, freedom wither, but nature always remains beautiful.»

- Lord Byron -

2. Catholic parish church

Hallstatt - leoks

Whether religious or not, this is a place you can't miss in Hallstatt. The frescoes inside will leave you speechless.

It also has a cemetery like the one you may have never seen. Instead of tombstones, a kind of wooden mailboxes are erected on the tombs, which in the distance look like small houses that form a really fascinating landscape when mixed with the lake.

3. Hallstatt salt mines

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The only way to get there was on foot, although today there is a funicular that will take you to the top so that you enjoy all the splendor that these mines offer you.

They date back thousands of years and different archaeological remains have been found when carrying out excavations that will talk to you along the way.

The visit to the mines is very exciting, as they will make you get fully into the paper by placing a helmet and a miner's jumpsuit along with a flashlight. There are other surprises inside that you will have to discover for yourself. If you go in an hour close to that of food, the restaurant in that area offers you amazing views of Hallstatt.

4. Hallstatt at night

Hallstatt - Albert Pego

If this town is beautiful by day, its charm triples at night. The typical Austrian houses illuminated in the streets by old street lamps invite you to wander aimlessly and get to know this beautiful place. If you also go in the snowy season, you will delight in the vision of a town that seems to be taken out of a fairy tale.

Walking through the streets of this beautiful place is not wasted. The houses are decorated with wooden shelves full of flowers, old tables and chairs, some even full of moss and endless details that you can not imagine.

5. The central square

Hallstatt - canadastock

Hallstatt downtown square It has a fountain in the center that does not go unnoticed. A place to take some beautiful pictures, like the rest of the place.

Hallstatt is a small town, but as you can see, with much to see and do. It is one of the most photogenic places in the world, because in it you can get those snapshots that you see on the Internet and do not know where they come from. In fact, this beautiful Austrian town was declared a World Heritage Site for Unescowith the title of "the most beautiful city in the world next to a lake».

If someone still claims that man and nature cannot cohabit, Hallstatt will change his mind. So much so that It is a place without cars or pollution. In fact, if you arrive by car, you will have to leave it at the top of one of the mountains and go down to the village by stairs. Are you not curious?

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