A tour of 6 of the most beautiful villages in Burgos

In northern Spain, in Castilla y León, Burgos is home to beautiful historical territories, a wide variety of landscapes and the largest number of municipalities throughout the country (371 to be more precise). It is difficult to point out which are the most beautiful villages of Burgos, because there are many. Still, we present a small selection.

The most beautiful villages of Burgos: beauty and history

This province is between the mountain range and the sea, crossed by several rivers and crossed by the famous Camino de Santiago. To learn a little more about their customs, history and traditions we recommend these villages of Burgos:

1. Covarrubias

Covarrubias - Israel Hervas Bengochea

It is known as «the cradle of Castile», for being the place chosen by Count Fernán González to become capital of the Infantazgo in the 10th century. Its urban center is perfectly preserved, from it stands out the tower erected in the eleventh century. Together with Lerma and Santo Domingo de Silos, they make up the "Arlanza Triangle."

Covarrubias, 47 kilometers from the capital of the province, It has other attractions such as the walls of the 16th century. Nor should we miss the Collegiate Church of San Cosme, the church of Santo Tomás, the Archive of the Overtaking, the house of Bishop Peña or the palace of Fernán González.

2. Lerma

Ducal Palace of Lerma - Iakov Filimonov

It is within the region of Arlanza and next to the river of the same name. The origins of Lerma are closely related to the patronage of Francisco de Sandoval y Rojas and King Felipe III.

The town's Plaza Mayor is one of the largest in Spain. Other attractions are the Doge's Palace and the Puerta de la Cárcel, the only one preserved from the medieval walls. More places of interest? The Collegiate Church of San Pedro, the convent of San Blas and the monastery of the Ascension of Our Lord.

3. Briviesca

Briviesca - David Herraez Calzada / Shutterstock.com

Belonging to the region of La Bureba, its origins date back to the settlements of the 1st century BC. by the autrigones. But nevertheless its time of splendor came in the Middle Ages, when it began to be part of the Camino de Santiago and also for its strategic location in the upper Ebro valley.

The great attractions of Briviesca are the medieval historical center and the Monumental Complex of Santa Clara, composed of a church, a monastery, a manor house and a hospital. We must also visit the Plaza Mayor, the walls and the fortress.

4. Caleruega

Caleruega - Fr Lawrence Lew, O.P. / Flickr.com

Within the Ribera del Duero Region, Caleruega saw the birth of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, the founder of the Dominican order. Precisely the Monumental Ensemble of the same name is its main attraction. It includes a parish, a tower, a convent, a royal monastery and a church.

further We recommend you visit the Roman way, the path of the Loberas and the hermitage of the Candelas.

5. Cold

Cold- LianeM

Framed in the region of Las Merindades, It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful villages in Burgos. It stands between the hill La Muela and the Ebro river, being an enclave of importance during the Roman and medieval times.

Within the heritage of Frías we highlight the castle and the hanging houses that form streets at two heights. Of interest are also the Salazar Palace, the Roman road, the medieval bridge, the Jewish quarter and the church of San Vicente Mártir and San Sebastián.

6. Sasamón

Church of Santa María la Real, Sasamón - KarSol

In the Odra-Pisuerga region, this Burgos town has its origins in the fourth century BC, but thrived during Roman domination, when a camp for Emperor Augustus was installed.

Within its broad heritage we can not miss the church of Santa María la Real (the second largest in the province). Other sites of interest are the Roman bridges, the Plaza Mayor, the Town Hall, the wall with the entrance arch and the limestone manor houses.

"Traveling and changing places impart new vigor to the mind."

- Seneca -

But there are many other towns in Burgos that deserve a visit. Villages like Poza de la Sal or Aranda de Duero. Not forgetting, of course, Orbaneja del Castillo with its waterfalls and Santo Domingo de Silos and its beautiful monastery.

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