The bay of Roses in Girona, one of the most beautiful in the world

In the northern part of the Costa Brava and washed by the Mediterranean Sea is the city of Roses. Give name to a place of spectacular beauty, not for nothing The Bay of Roses is included in the select group of the most beautiful bays on the planet.We will know this little treasure of the Girona coast.

The Roses Bay, a natural welcome

Roses is a beautiful fishing town that has great tourist attractions. Examples are its magnificent citadel or the castle of the Trinity, built by order of Carlos V to defend the port. But without any doubt, you have to go up to the viewpoint of Santa Rosa de Puig Rom, from it the bay of Roses is contemplated in all its splendor.

Bay of Roses - Seaphotoart

This bayIt is considered one of the most beautiful in Spain and the world, a fact endorsed by Unesco. And not only does the landscape have to do with it, but also the natural parks, the ruins of Empúries and the forty-five kilometers of crystalline water beaches that this bay is home to, although there really should be talk of a gulf.

This wonderful enclave is discovered in the sea between the cape of Creus and the Montgrí massif. A place that It has always been a decisive and strategic point for trade. Of course, it was also a link in the relationship with neighboring countries. Among them, France and Italy stand out mainly.

Up to these lands came the Greeks, and after them the Romans, who created Empúries. Today there are thousands of tourists who visit this pleasant and exquisite place. A past of these characteristics does not deserve less. Nor is the land itself. And it is full of natural resources.

Roses - Alberto Zamorano

In it you can discover a unique blue sky. The beaches have spectacular size and incomparable white sand. In addition, they have the advantage of having shallow water. These comforts are enhanced, if possible, thanks to its crystal clear turquoise tones. In short, it is impossible for the bay to go unnoticed.


Kayaking or snorkeling on this coast is very popular. Moreover, there is a great variety of nautical events throughout the year.

Castell de Montgrí - Sigfrid Campama Puig

Those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground will also find ways to liven up the passage of time. There are many hiking trails in the surrounding natural parks.

Enjoying the great variety of music festivals is always another option for those who opt for the most modern leisure. In short, we talk about a unique enclave in which the traveler can forget about the daily routine.

"Nothing develops both intelligence and travel."

- Emile Zola -

A tour between regions

Castelló d'Empúries

It is not difficult to understand why the bay of Roses has been considered one of the most beautiful in the universe. This wonderful territory does not go unnoticed for anyone. His appointment has been based on several elements. It has a real fusion between heaven, earth and water. Although the name of the bay comes from the most important nearby town, Roses, it is located between several regions.

Empuriabrava Beach - Valery Bareta

In its vicinity we find Castelló d'Empúries. This city allows the visitor to enjoy a beach and sun tourism. And it has a vast amount of coasts and coves all along its coastline. However, it also has a splendid cultural landscape. It is because it has a rich artistic heritage that will delight the most demanding.

Other populations

On the other hand, we stumbled upon the seafaring population of L'Escala. It stands out because from there we can make a visit to the medieval town of Sant Martí.

Of course, It is also possible to practice some water sport in its rough waters. Those more intrepid have the opportunity to make a foray into the depths. If we reach 42 meters we will reach the sunken ship of the Marmoler, a real underwater jewel.

L'Escala - joan_bautista

After so much emotion, enjoying one of its terraces is practically a must. Its famous rations of salted anchovies will take our hunger away. If they don't, we can order some fresh sardines that will have been fished that same morning.

But we cannot forget the small town of San Pere Pescador, which the river Fluvía surrounds. In it you can walk through the dunes, which gives a different and striking touch. The contemplation of his plantations of apple trees give a freshness and special naturalness to his print.

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