Aracena and the Grotto of Wonders

The Sierra de Aracena Natural Park has beautiful enclaves of great natural wealth. These places have been shaped by the course of nature and have become distinctive elements of this beautiful region. Today we are going to talk about the Grotto of Wonders, a cave of great beauty forged by time and nature, resulting in a landscape as strange as it is beautiful. Join us in our adventure inside the Grotto of Wonders!

Aracena's beauty

The Grotto of Wonders is located in the urban center of Aracena, capital of the region and the one that gives name to the mountains and the natural park. This is one of the most important protected areas in the community. Its elements fill the north of the province, where small elevations covered with holm oak, chestnut, cork and forest forests stand out.

Aracena - Manogamos, Sometimes /

In the area numerous streams run, forming a landscape of extraordinary beauty and that is ideal for livestock, especially for the Iberian pig. These are the same streams that sculpted the rock, forming the Grotto of Wonders, the most visited natural monument in the province of Huelva.

The Grotto of Wonders

It has 1200 meters that can be covered in its entirety, something that makes it the most extensive tourist cave in Spain. The Grotto of Wonders was also the first to offer this type of tourism. Discovered in the 19th century, it was not until 1914 when it opened its doors to the public as the country's first tourist cave.

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And not only that, but the Grotto of Wonders is one of the most beautiful and best preserved in the world. Its exceptional set of galleries, lakes, salons and underground courses, have been carved by time and water in the heart of Cerro del Castillo. This cave is formed on Paleozoic limestones, which gave rise to a unique and continuous karst system millions of years old.

The cavity

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Guided tours intern visitors more than 100 meters underground, where You can see caves with long corridors, stalactites and stalagmites arranged in incredible patterns. These formations have green, blue or pink reflections and calcareous roofs of unique beauty that are reflected in waters of beautiful inland lakes.

The grotto is distributed in three levels, of which only two are open to the public. On each level there are rooms that are extremely interesting and beautiful. We have the Hall of the Great Lake, the Hall of the Cathedral, the Bath of the Sultana, the Room of the Emerald, the hall of the Glassware of God, the Room of the Chickpeas and that of the Nudes. In total there are 12 rooms that are distributed in the two levels.

«The cave you are afraid to enter contains the treasure you are looking for.»

-Joseph Campbell-

The visit lasts about 45 minutes and has no difficulty, although it requires precautions such as being alert to where you step to avoid slipping and crouching in some parts.

What to see around the Grotto of Wonders


Aracena - monysasu

Aracena has an urban center full of monuments. You can admire convents, churches, houses with red roofs with old balconies, museums and cobbled streets. It was declared of Cultural Interest and is located at the foot of its old castle and of the Priory Church of Our Lady of Major Pain.

Iberian Ham Museum

It has seven rooms where everything about the production of Iberian ham can be discovered in an entertaining and educational way, through audiovisual media such as panels and projections. In addition, you can not fail to reward your palate with a tasting of the delicious local Iberian ham.

Aracena Castle

Aracena Castle - David Acosta Allely

The castle is another must-see in Aracena. This fortress dates from the 13th century andconsists of alcazaba, tower of the warden, cistern, walls flanked by towers and the houses of the Islamic era.

Let yourself be amazed by Aracena and its spectacular Grotto of Wonders. A unique place in the middle of a beautiful natural environment You can't stop visiting. You'll love it!

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