Bermuda, paradise of tropical nature

Discovering the most beautiful and attractive corners of the planet is an exciting journey that seems endless. In our eagerness to know each place, we left today to Bermuda, a true paradise of nature and beach in the middle of the Sargasso Sea.

Bermuda Islands

The Bermuda Islands are actually a series of small volcanic manifestations halfway between the famous Cuba, the Florida peninsula in the United States and another famous archipelago, the Bahamas.

Interestingly, we have named three places in the tropical zone of the American continent. A triangle? The truth is that yes, because this part of the world is famous for the Triangle of The Bermudas, where ships supposedly sink for no reason and planes crash into the ocean.

Horseshoe Bay - Stephen Bonk

However, beyond conspiracy lovers and believers of extraterrestrial invasions, you can visit Bermuda with complete peace of mind, because no danger you have to fear among its waters that seem more like departures from paradise itself.

Why Bermuda has all its island charm in the middle of the Sargasso Sea, Thanks to its tropical climate, the transparency of the beaches and the turquoise blue of the sea that rivals any area of ‚Äč‚Äčnatural coastline that stretches across this planet. And that color contrasts sublime with the golden white of the fine sand and the wonderful volcanic and wooded nature of the islands.

What to do in Bermuda?

Although Bermuda is a hundred small islands scattered in the tropical sea, there are many activities you can afford. If you are a water lover, you are in luck, well They are seabed are of profuse beauty for those who enjoy diving or snorkeling.

Bermuda - orangecrush

However, life in Bermuda is closely related to activities at sea. So, beyond diving and its underwater wrecks, you can enjoy water skiing, sport fishing, sailing, sailing trips, surfing and windsurfing ... That is, a large number of entertainment.

The nature of Bermuda

Bermuda is considered today as an Overseas Territory of Great Britain. Thousands of kilometers from the London metropolis, these 150 islands enjoy great autonomy and have created a paradise for the visitor thanks to its 50 km² and its 60,000 inhabitants distributed mainly in Hamilton, the capital, and St. George's, the most populous city .

Crystal Cave - David Reilly

The southern part of the islands is the one that has the greatest attractions for visitors, thanks to its natural beauty, its unique fauna and its unsurpassed seabed. Species such as gorjicanelo tile are unique to this part of the world. Not to mention the coral reefs or the Crystal Grottoes, the most wonderful thing you've ever seen.

Bermuda culture

In addition, the Bermuda Islands enjoy an extensive history that has resulted in an incredible corner to live or visit. Today It is one of the territories as the highest quality of life among a mestizo population that has brought together traditions, music and gastronomy from all over the world.

King's Warf - Lev Savitskiy

The Latin American Caribbean, Africa, the British estates and even Jamaica or Portugal have put their grain of sand to form a wonderful cultural melting pot that delights every visitor That dreams of knowing Bermuda.

Why Getting to Bermuda is like making a dream come true. Reggae, whiskey, Caribbean cuisine with typical British sauces and racial music from deep Africa blend with absolute normality in this unique corner of the planet.

Many have praised the uniqueness of Bermuda. The writers Mary Prince or Brian Burland, as well as singers like Heather Nova have given their talent to reinforce the mood and beauty of a unique part of the planet.

"A way of living
A way of living
a way to keep the fire
A way of living
A way of living
a way to get higher »

-Heather Nova-

Culture, natural beauty and the many historical corners have given rise to museums, aquariums, Botanical gardens, maritime exploration sites and a thousand and one wonders that you have to discover when you get to Bermuda, a true tropical paradise.

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