8 reasons to visit Menorca this summer

Ideal for a few days of tranquility in contact with nature, crystal clear waters, island in the middle of the Mediterranean, paradise where you look at it, endless landscapes… Do you still need more reasons to visit Menorca this summer? Then read the following article! We will tell you what are the perfect "excuses" for a getaway or a vacation to this beautiful place.

Why go to Minorca?

If you are thinking where to go this summer, Menorca can be an excellent option. Here are some of the reasons (but there is more, no doubt):

1. Virgin coves and beaches

Cala Turqueta, Menorca - tuulijumala

Are you sad because the budget is not enough for you to travel to the Caribbean? Well don't worry! In Menorca you will find the most beautiful landscapes you can imagine. Half an hour walking from the center you will run into beaches away from the hustle and bustle, tourists and typical services (hammocks, baths or beach bars) and you will think that you are a millionaire and you have bought an island. Be sure to visit the coves Rafalet, Escorxada and Pilar.

2. An incredible port

Mahón - Karol Kozlowski

The port of Mahón is the largest natural port in the Mediterranean and second in the world (Yes, the world ... and is in Menorca). Only for this information it is worth visiting. But not only during the day while tanning but also at night, when it completely changes its facet and is filled with options to eat, drink or simply enjoy the distant lights.

3. Shoes and more shoes

Just as you are reading ... in Menorca you can go shopping to fill the wardrobe with the most beautiful handmade shoes (handmade) that range from the traditional sandals called to fashion heels in the stores of the peninsula. A chic and different alternative, since the models are hand paintedThey are very striking and use raw leather. You get the shoes in the center of the island and almost everywhere.

4. Be a sailor for a day

Cala Macarella - tagstiles.com - S.Gruene

Is your dream to have a boat and go out to sea without direction? Well, you can fulfill that fantasy here in Menorca. The best of all is that for an acceptable amount of money you can afford to explore the entire coast driving the boat. To rent the boats head south, more precisely to the beach of Son Xoriguer or north, to the port of Fornells. The best option is the first one because the sea is quieter (if you are inexperienced you will appreciate it).

«The sea also chooses ports where to laugh like sailors. The sea of ​​those who are. The sea also chooses ports where to die. Like the sailors. The sea of ​​those who were. »

-Miguel Hernández-

5. A delicious lobster stew

Menorcan cuisine specializes, of course, in fish and seafood. But the stew is "the" dish par excellence and you can't leave the island without trying it. An exquisite taste to enjoy watching the sea. What more can you ask of life?

6. Drink in a cave like a castaway

What do you say? Here is the explanation: there is a legend in Menorca about a man who arrived on the island as a shipwreck survivor and took refuge in Cova d'en Xoroi, a cave located to the south and in the middle of a cliff.

Cova d'en Xoroi - Constantin Stanciu

Nowadays This cave offers terraces at different heights to enjoy a drink While they pass music. What do you recommend to drink? An ointment! This is the traditional local drink, a combination of Gin Xoringer gin and lemonade.

7. Riding a century-old road

Of course, Menorca has a history beyond that of the castaway (we don't know if it's true). An excellent option for your stay on the island is to ride the Camí de Cavals on horseback, a path of 185 kilometers along the coast. In ancient times this road was used as a defense against invasions and was a commercial route that, of course, was made on horseback, the animal par excellence.

8. Architectural jewels

The human presence has many centuries in Menorca and that is seen in every corner. We recommend you visit the Talayotic village of Torre d'en Galmés, the taulas and the talayones that are still preserved.

Torre d'en Galmés - Quintanilla

You can also take a walk through the Menorcan villas, of British influence, with sash windows and other characteristic elements. You even have a route related to the footprint of colonization by England in the 18th century, as is the case of King's Island.

Have we convinced you to go to Menorca this summer?