Tasiilaq, a beautiful and colorful village in Greenland

If you think you have seen all the unique and exotic places of our world, that is that you do not know the small town of Tasiilaq. Located in the northern part of the gigantic Greenland, this is a town that especially attracts attention for its colorful houses and unique landscapes.

How is Tasiilaq?

Tasiilaq is a unique town that is located in the eastern part of Greenland, almost touching the Arctic Circle. A spectacular community of just 3,000 inhabitants belonging to the municipality of Sermersooq which, however, is the most populous in the area.

Tasiilaq - Yongyut Kumsri

Tasiilaq's name comes from the current Greenlandic language. Although this place was founded a few years ago, in 1894, it is also known as Angmagssalik or Ammassalik, both nomenclatures from ancient Greenlandic.

However, communicating with the population of this place is not an easy task, since the predominant language in the town is tunumiit, one of the most important dialects of Greenlandic, but difficult for Spanish speakers to understand.

How to get to Tasiilaq?

Getting to Tasiilaq is not an easy task, because the northernmost town of Greenland is just 100 kilometers from the Arctic Circle, so snowfall and weather are really extreme, especially during winter.

Tasiilaq typical house - ausnewsde

The nearest airport is Kulusuk. However, once arrived at the place there are still three hours of helicopter crossing until you can glimpse the beautiful colorful houses of the town.

However, If you dare to make this wonderful getaway, you can find flights departing from the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik to Kulusuk, from where you will be transferred by helicopter to Tasiilak and you will stay at the famous Angmassalik hotel.

"So impossible is to fan the fire with snow, like putting out the fire of love with words."

-William Shakespeare-

What to see and do in Tasiilaq?

Once you have arrived in Tasiilaq, you may think that in a town of just 3,000 inhabitants there is not much to do. However, this perception is wrong, because the wonderful greenlandic landscape that surrounds the town is truly amazing.

The first thing that is recommended is to walk the streets of the town to know their way of life, its customs and its unique colorful houses with sloping roofs to withstand the weight of the snowfall.

Tasiilaq landscape - Yongyut Kumsri

Since the recommended time to visit this area is in summer, with the thaw, and due to its location so far north, you can enjoy the famous midnight sunWell, you'll never see the night in this town and you'll have 24 hours of light to do whatever you want.

Once you've known a little about the town and its customs, It's a good idea to go on excursions in the area, Well, the places that surround Tasiilaq are the most impressive that you have been able to enjoy in your life.

Among all the natural manifestations of this extreme area of ​​the planet, the impressive fjords stand out. Approaching to glimpse these spectacular landscapes is a highly recommended activity.

Tasiilaq - Egon NYC

As well a good number of icebergs in the natural state can be found around Tasiilaq and of such size that its spectacularity dwarfs other manifestations around our planet.

Since we are in a coastal population, A recommended excursion is to approach the icy beaches of Tasiilaq. It is important to remember that it is not the best place to take a bath or sunbathe, but if you feel like it and you are brave enough ... although the water is really freezing.

Here also the famous Northern Lights are produced, natural manifestations produced by solar radiation that offer an incredible show with its greenish hues in the infinite sky.

Northern Lights in Tasiilaq - Yongyut Kumsri

And, if you like pure adventure, maybe you can go down the icy coast of Greenland by canoe or kayak, Or you can travel in a sled pulled by dogs so typical of the area.

Be that as it may, access to one of the most extreme villages that civilization has reached is a unique adventure already in itself. Whether you do it by helicopter or if you dare to arrive by boat, means of transport enabled during the summer, be sure that visiting Tasiilaq is an experience that is never forgotten.

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