The beautiful Urbasa-Andía Natural Park in Navarra

We are going to visit one of those imperturbable and fabulous places that our planet has had to leave us in inheritance. The Urbasa-Andía Natural Park is a corner of idyllic landscapes, streams and lush forests. We will approach the boundaries of this park, in the Community of Navarra, in Spain.

There is no doubt that Navarra is one of the most beautiful Spanish regions. Both the love and closeness of its people and its wonderful cultural, historical and natural heritage make this part of the country a must for every good traveler worth his salt.

The Urbasa-Andía Natural Park

The Urbasa-Andía Natural Park is located in the northern part of the Navarre town of Estella. It has an area that exceeds 21,000 hectares and is a protected area which was declared as such in 1997.

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Among its natural wonders that we find in its limits is its enormous biodiversity, the mountains that surround it and even megalithic monuments and prehistoric samples that impress the visitor.

"Look deeply into nature and then you will understand everything better"

-Albert Einstein-

History and values ​​of the Urbasa-Andía Natural Park

Let's learn more about the wonderful space that our article occupies today. The Urbasa-Andía Natural Park enjoys a series of values ​​and history that make it unique in your area and throughout Spain.

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Among the set of values ​​that stand out from this beautiful place in the geography of Navarra, it should be noted that it is a very particular and unique area in terms of geology, biology, ecology, landscaping, archeology, culture and society, because harmonizes traditional uses with modern conservation techniques so that the visitor enjoys its extensive geography.

Yesteryear, At the time of the famous Crown of Navarra, both the Andía and Urbasa mountains had a unique legal regime. Its people had the right to graze their cattle, as well as the raising of huts and sheepfolds that were used by herds and shepherds, who also made use of the wood and firewood in the area.

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Subsequently they became state lands until this area was transferred to the community of Navarra in 1987. After ten years, the authorities decided to turn it into the fantastic Urbasa-Andía Natural Park that we can enjoy today.

Prehistory of the Urbasa-Andía Natural Park

It should also be noted that long before the authorities exercised rights and uses over the area of ​​what is now the Urbasa-Andía Natural Park, This land already had enormous vitality since prehistoric times.

If we take a look at the subsoil of this natural park, we find Cretaceous marls on which limestone is supported dating back more than 140 million years ago. In this limestone rock so characteristic of the area we find remains of living beings that populated it about 65 million years ago. In addition, its characteristic forms caused by the action of rainwater is called karst relief.

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And beyond mere geological formation, The Urbasa-Andía Natural Park also has a good number of monuments that remind the dawn of humanity on the planet. Among them are the dolmens, the menhirs and the burial mounds.

In fact, the history of this place is so deep that even we have found evidence of burials and rites that are totally unknown to us today, so the first human settlements of the place had beliefs that have not been transmitted to this day.

What to do in the Urbasa-Andía Natural Park

In addition to enjoying the art and history of the Urbasa-Andía Natural Park, and enjoying its characteristic nature and its flora and fauna, You can make different routes through the area with various difficulties for lovers of hiking and mountain ranges.

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Among the most prominent routes in the area, We find trails such as the Itinerary of the Fountains, which runs 4.5 kilometers of beautiful places between natural sources. Although we also have to talk about the Camino de los Montañeros, with almost 4,000 meters and running along an old salt path, from where this mineral was formerly transported.

So if you want to enjoy in full nature in the community of Navarra within the Spanish borders, Do not hesitate to approach Urbasa-Andía Natural Park and enjoy places full of history and beauty without equal.