Verona: a city for lovers

The most famous inhabitants in the history of Verona are the Montesco and Capuleto families, or what is the same, the opposing clans of Romeo and Juliet, possibly the two most famous lovers in the world. Both lived, fell in love and died in Verona and they have become their emblem, so that the city is a traditional destination for couples in love.

Essential in Verona

All those traveling on a tour organized by Verona will go to the balcony where Juliet is supposed to go out to listen to Romeo's galanteos, or so William Shakespeare tells in his play. However, we must know that hardly the royal Juliet and medieval times could have looked out on a balcony so modern and built in the nineteenth century.

Juliet's balcony - kavalenkava volha

But of course, tradition is tradition, so it doesn't hurt to approach the famous balcony, as well as It is typical to touch the chest of Juliet's statue in the garden of that house. It is immediately known what breast to touch, since thousands of hands pass by and the chest shines on the rest of the bronze statue.

«But, silence! What radiance makes its way through that window? It's the East and Juliet, the sun! Splendid sun rises and kills the envious moon, languid and pale of feeling because you, her maiden, are more beautiful than her! »

-Fragment of Romeo and Juliet, fromWilliam Shakespeare-

The oldest jewels of Verona

Everything related to the young lovers of the Shakespearean tragedy is what the vast majority of visitors from Verona are looking for. However there is much more to see. For example, this city in northern Italy It is, after the capital of the country, the city of the world that offers a greater number of vestiges of Roman art.

Verona Arena - Jorg Hackemann

And, above all, there is one that stands out especially. Is about the Arena of Verona, a huge amphitheater that throughout its history was not only the place of bloody shows, It was also a prison and barracks.

Like other Roman amphitheaters and theaters throughout the world, also the Arena de Verona still active Especially as a concert venue for classical music and opera, since it has really exceptional acoustics.

Verona Arena - hipproductions

But there more Roman-era places to visit in the city, like its old doors: Porta Borsari and Porta dei Leoni, or Ponte Pietra, which continues to join the two banks of the Adige River that runs through the city.

The Roman theater is also still in use and every summer it hosts performances of various Shakespearean plays, since here the most important festival of the English author is celebrated outside Great Britain.

The monumental center of Verona

While not everything is Roman-era buildings. Also in the center there is a interesting repertoire of Renaissance and Baroque architecture and art. Above all that is between the two main squares of the city: Plaza Bra and delle Erbe.

Piazza delle Erbe

It is surely the most monumental. Here the Palazzo della Ragione or de la Razón rises. Next to him rises the Lamberti Tower, a construction that allows you to climb up to 84 meters high to see a panoramic view of the entire city.

Piazza delle Erbe - Nickolay Vinokurov

Another of the highlights of the Plaza delle Erbe, are Mazzanti houses, whose facade surprises with its paintings of mythological themes. These paintings of the Renaissance have reached our days, but it is said that in the past Verona was known as the "painted city", because this type of decorated facades abounded throughout its historical core.

Without leaving the square You can also visit the Maffei baroque palace, the funeral complex of the Scaligere Arches, the statue of Dante or the tower of the Hours. But it is worth going to the second great epicenter of visitors: the Plaza Bra.

Bra square

Between both places You can walk along the Mazzini road, the most commercial in the city since its opening in the 14th century. And, without a doubt, the best way to end at the great square where the arches of the Arena amphitheater and the monumental architecture of the Palazzo Barbieri are previously discovered.

Piazza Bra - Stefano Ember

Of course, this square is also a jewel for the art it treasures, but possibly much more interesting for its animation, since there are many cafes and restaurants for travelers. And of course, they can taste local pasta dishes, but especially the famous risottos in this area of ​​Veneto where Verona is integrated.

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