Meet the most beautiful villages in Ibiza

When we think of this island, we automatically imagine a beach full of celebrities and lots of nightlife. But did you know that in Ibiza there are also beautiful quiet villages to spend a relaxing holiday? Yes! How are you reading it? In this article we show you the most beautiful, those that you can not miss.

Rent a car and go for a walk

Ibiza It is perfect to travel by car. It is only 45 kilometers long and 25 kilometers wide. Many choose to stay in a town and then go to see the night and the beaches of the center of the island. For others to believe they have been there!

Dalt Vila - Alberto Loyo

In the Balearic Islands, This beautiful place surrounded by coves and with a great gastronomic and cultural wealth is ideal for an incredible holiday At any time of year. Numerous mountains complete the landscape of the island and, among them, there are villages that seem taken from a story.

The most beautiful villages in Ibiza

In your tour of Ibiza you should not miss these villages, all, curiously, with names of saints:

1. Santa Eulalia del Río

It is the second most visited site on the island and Its denomination comes from the church erected on the top of the Puig de Missa after the conquest by Guillermo de Montgrí, bishop of Tarragona. Later it was remodeled to add a tower that served as defense of the region.

Santa Eulalia del Río - holbox

It is the only town that has a river in all the Balearic Islands and has been of vital importance for the flour industry (when using mills). The historic center of Santa Eulalia is really beautiful, with their houses mostly white.

«Happiness is nature, beauty and tranquility.»

-Debasish Mridha-

2. Sant Joan de Labritja

Sant Joan de Labritja is located in the northern part of the island and its more than 5,000 inhabitants are distributed in four parishes: San Miguel de Balasant, San Vicent de sa Cala, Sant Llorenc de Baláfia and Sant Joan de Labritja.

Cala Portinatx - villorejo

One of the main attractions of San Juan is Cala Portinatx beach, dedicated to family rest and away from nightclubs and noise from other areas of the island. It is the most urbanized part and has restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and several stores. In the vicinity is an eighteenth century defense tower.

3. San Antonio Abad

This municipality and parish of Ibiza It is to the west and corresponds to the old quarter of Portmany (which means large port in Latin), one of the four in which Jaime I divided the region in the thirteenth century.

San Antonio Abad - holbox

It is located 15 kilometers from the capital and It is a quite crowded tourist spot. By having an important port, it allows the traffic of passengers and even merchandise from the peninsula.

It has Roman and Arab vestiges and that can be seen in its streets. Among the sites of interest do not miss the church of San Antonio (founded in 1385) and its 10 beaches (among them Cala Salada and S'Arenal beach).

4. San José

San José - nito

Officially Sant Josep de Sa Talaia. Located south of Ibiza, It is the largest municipality and also the entrance door by air because the airport is located there. There is also Mount Sa Talaia, almost 500 meters high (the highest on the island).

With 84 kilometers of coastline, it is chosen by beach lovers. ¡¡Don't miss the coves Conta, Bassa, Vedella and Tarida!

5. Santa Gertrudis Fruitera

In the center of the island and a very nice place if you are looking for inner peace. He is chosen by artists (especially sculptors) from around the world to make a retreat and be inspired by the landscape and old buildings.

Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera - holbox

The church of Santa Gertrudis stands out, dating from the 18th century. The houses of the center have become restaurants and bars ... really striking! On the outskirts you can do rural tourism.

As you could see, a holiday in Ibiza has it all, from parties to dawn to quiet walks along the coves and beaches. Do not forget to visit it!

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