12 tips for women traveling alone

More and more women are launching themselves into the adventure of traveling, living unforgettable moments and conquering the world, but even in these times of modernity there are some factors that you should pay attention to really enjoy the trip.

So that,if you need a push to travel alone read on, we give you some valuable advice

Useful tips for women traveling alone

1. Light luggage

We know that women love to wear a lot of clothes to choose what to wear, but it is important to moderate the amount of clothes to avoid too large suitcases and impossible to move.

Glacizr Franz, New Zealand - Naruedom Yaempongsa

Another issue to consider is the choice of the handbag. It is important that it is comfortable and that it has divisions with closures so that the belongings are safer.

2. Hygiene

As women we are we must take into account our personal hygiene products, It is recommended to bring enough feminine products such as sanitary towels, tampons, etc. You must carry enough for the days that your trip will last, in case you do not get your usual brand or you are in isolated places where it may be difficult to acquire them.

3. Accommodation

The accommodation is a fundamental point, you have to take into account aspects such as the hotel being small in order to have personalized attention. The location, in a safe and easily accessible area, is very important.

4. Transfers in the city

If it is necessary to take taxis, it is key to choose them well. In the hotels they can offer good recommendations and generally have trusted taxi services. There are also numerous applications to obtain taxis that can be loaded on an electronic device.

«In 20 years you will regret the things you have not done, so leave the safe harbor. Explore. »

-Mark Twain-

5. Budget

Take a budget that is global. Sometimes a plane ticket to a distant country is expensive, but once there the cost of living is low. Therefore, the total expenditure may be less than if you go to a nearby country where the standard of living is higher.

6. Credit cards

It is recommended carry two cards, one credit and one debit, to take advantage of both. Better if they are from different networks in case where you go only one of them works or, if one of the networks has a problem, being able to use the other.

7. Language

Carry a dictionary of phrases or a book of pictograms To help you in case you don't speak the language. There are small books full of all kinds of symbols really useful for the trip, from food drawings or means of transportation to various medical situations.

8. Find out about customs

It is important to take into account the culture of the country where you are going, the position of women in society is not the same in all countries of the world. That is why it is always advisable to obtain information about local customs and, if possible, respect them.

9. Do not share your personal information

Don't give personal information to strangers,nobody has to know that you travel alone, or where you stay, or if you carry valuables. One of the best answers is to say that you are staying with a friend and that you frequent the place, so it will give the impression that you know the site and you will not be easy prey for malicious people.


10. Prevention is the best solution

Take a copy of your documents with you and leave the originals in the hotel safe, is a recommended measure to not have a dislike.

It is also advisable to bring addresses and embassy data and consulates at the destination to have them if needed.

11. Security

Forever you must be attentive in the street, have a small flashlight in case it gets dark and the street is dark, do not wear ostentatious jewelry that can be tempting to a thief and carry documents, money and cards in different places.

12. Always in touch

It is convenient for a family member to have all the itinerary information, hotels and daily activities. Technology can help us with this, you can have an application on the smartphone to always be located by another person.

Being women there is always the fear that if we travel alone terrible things can happen to us just because we are women. The only way to find out is to go out and live the experience, but with a well thought out and organized plan. Paying attention to these tips you will surely enjoy a spectacular trip and an exploration of the world full of success.

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